La culture de l’iniquité fiscale

Le groupe Socfin (détenu à 40% par le groupe Bolloré) transfère des bénéfices issus de la production de matières premières vers Fribourg, un canton suisse à faible fiscalité, selon un nouveau rapport de Pain pour le prochain, Alliance Sud et le Réseau allemand pour la justice fiscale

Bunong, Bollore land dispute overruled by French tribunal

A joint statement issued by 97 Bunong indigenous families in Mondulkiri province expressed disappointment in the Tribunal of Nanterre in France which overruled their complaints concerning 2,386ha of disputed land with French company Bollore. The families from Pech Chreada district’s Bou Sra commune said they would grant lawyers the right to file an appeal in France.

Human rights due diligence legislation: New hope for victims of land grabs in Cambodia?

For too long, consumer brands have sourced raw materials from abusive companies. We’ve seen up close the damage this has caused in Cambodia, and how elusive remedy has been for affected communities. But with mandatory due diligence laws on the horizon in Europe, communities will finally have the opportunity to hold brands accountable for violations in their supply chains.