29 Aug 2017 Bloomberg
Serbia passes bill cementing limits of land sales to foreigners
The government said it wants to protect local farmers and prevent foreigners from taking over natural resources.
22 Jun 2017 Global Meat News
Germany giant eyes land for Serbian pig farms
German meat company Tönnies has applied to the Serbian authorities to secure more than 100 hectares of available land in five municipalities to set up pig farms.
20 Mar 2017 B92
Arabs eyeing 20,000 hectares of land in Serbia
Al Dahra plans to allocate millions of dollars this year to improve food safety. In Serbia alone they want to buy as many as 20,000 hectares of land.
28 Aug 2015 Press TV
Iran launches first overseas farming plan
Iran has launched agricultural cultivation in Kazakhstan, marking its first farmland investment overseas as the Middle Eastern country seeks to secure food supplies amid a lingering drought.
07 Aug 2015 Tanjug
Small farmers could buy "up to 20ha of state-owned land"
The law also intends to allow major investors to lease up to 30 percent of the state-owned farmland.
19 Nov 2014 inSerbia
German company to open pig farm in Serbia
Germany’s largest meat producer Clemens Toennies will finalise a deal for a pig farm with 1,500,000 animal units on 15,000 hectares of land in Serbia.
28 Jul 2014 inSerbia
Farmers protest in Serbia: ‘Most fertile land is given to Arabs’
Farmers are outraged at the Ministry of Agriculture, which leased more than 3,000 ha of the best arable land to the company “Al Rafaved” from the United Arab Emirates for 250 euros per hectare.
20 Jul 2014 The National
Serbian village raises complaint about UAE purchase of farmland
Farmers in Kula, Serbia have made formal complaints about an Abu Dhabi company, Al Rawafed Agriculture, which is trying to acquire land.
07 Jul 2014 Tanjung
Government, UAE firm set up joint agriculture company
The first venture of the company will be a EUR 22 million purchase of part of the property of two agricultural enterprises in restructuring - AD Bačka, based in Sivac, and Adria AD, based in Nova Gajdobra.
03 Jul 2014 FIAN Österreich
Land Grabbing in Osteuropa: Die Rolle österreichischer Unternehmen
Auch österreichische Akteure mischen im Wettlauf um Land mit und eignen sich im großen Stil Land in Rumänien, Serbien und Ungarn an. Die Bäuerinnen und Bauern vor Ort profitieren vom Investitionsboom kaum, ganz im Gegenteil.
09 Apr 2014 SeeNews
Al Dahra Intl Investment gets nod to acquire 51% of Serbia's Rudnap Agrar
Serbia's anti-trust regulator said it has cleared plans by UAE-based Al Dahra International Investment to take over from Serbia's Rudnap Group a 51% stake in Belgrade-based agriculture company Rudnap Agrar.
24 Feb 2014 Les Échos
Les pays arabes recherchent leur sécurité alimentaire
Les pays arabes du Golfe sont de plus en plus préoccupés par leur sécurité alimentaire, souligne « The Economist »


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