• Land investments are wholesale sell-outs for women farmers
    • Pambazuka
    • 03 Jun 2010

    With the emerging land investments a new set of challenges emerges for the woman farmer.

  • Les investissements fonciers sont une vaste trahison des agricultrices
    • Pambazuka
    • 03 Jun 2010

    En privant effectivement les paysans locaux de leurs terres et en perpétuant souvent « des méthodes agricoles nuisibles à l’environnement », cette évolution menace d’avoir des conséquences très négatives pour les petits exploitants, et en particulier les femmes

  • Women farmers, peasant movements and land grabbers
    • Global Policy Forum
    • 23 Apr 2010

    On Earth Day plus one, we need to ask: what can stop this speculative juggernaut? And how can we support the rural farm communities – half of our humankind – who are fighting for sustainable food production.

  • Women and development: Biotechnology, hunger and land grabs
    • National Catholic Reporter
    • 02 Jul 2009

    The problems of securing for women the right to land tenure require more effort and nuanced attentiveness than is likely to happen in the face of a juggernaut of efforts to outsource food production by countries like Saudi Arabia and for bio-fuel production for countries like South Korea.

  • Uyghur women block land grab
    • Radio Free Asia
    • 15 May 2009

    Women in China’s northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have turned back officials trying to implement a forced farming program on their land, but remain concerned about their property rights, according to farmers there.

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