Declaration of rural women against land grabbing in Senegal

"We, the women of Senegal, with the other women of the world, demand that the State put an end to land grabbing and regain control over spoilated lands since land must belong to those who work it in order to feed themselves and the country"

Temiognage de Salamatou Gazéré Dotia

Combattant depuis longtemps aux côtés des paysans pour l’amélioration de leurs conditions de vie, elle adhère en 2005 à Synergie Paysanne et prend conscience du phénomène de l’accaparement des terres.

Securing the right to land

The latest issue of Farming Matters on a topic that is central to all small-scale farmers: land. Competition for land and power, and particularly the global increase of large scale land acquisitions, cause contestations about which land is rightfully owned and used by whom.

AfDB, AUC and UNECA to discuss land investment in Nairobi

The African Development Bank, the African Union Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa will co-organize a high level Forum on foreign direct investments in agricultural land in Africa on 4 and 5 October 2011 in Nairobi