Veto to foreigner is a defensive strategy

“We are going to prepare a PEC [Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment] to make it clear to investors that they can invest in any sector except land”, Guilherme Cassel, Brazil's Minister for Agrarian Development says

Let's welcome Japanese investors

Recently, Kanayo Nwanze, head of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, told a news conference: "It is the wrong language to call them land grabs. They are investments in farmland--like investments in oil exploration."

Honored to accept invitation

I personally know of the efforts of a leading Japanese company that is cooperating with African farmers to create sustainable systems that blend technology with traditional African lore

No 'land grab' in Ethiopia

Rebuttal from Ethiopia's ambassador to Japan against the article "Japan, please don't go grabbing Ethiopians' land," insisting that the government is only leasing out "unutilized land and some other land holdings by government-owned enterprises".