04 Aug 2014 Triple Crisis
“Land grabs” and responsible agricultural investment in Africa
Can land grabs by foreign investors in developing countries feed the hungry? So says the press release for a recent, and unfortunate, economic study.
01 Jul 2014 Global Post
Picking up the pieces from a failed land grab project in Tanzania
As negotiations over responsible agricultural investment policy run through the summer, Tanzanian villagers fight for the return of 20,000 acres of land lost to a failed biofuel project.
06 Jun 2014 Daily News
Grow Africa sees local agribusiness improving
Government of Tanzania pilots a win-win deal whereby communities receive a 10% shareholding in Bagamoyo EcoEnergy Ltd. in exchange for a 99-year lease of their land free from encumbrance.
05 Jun 2014 The Citizen
Smallholders lose land to large-scale farmers: study
A study titled ‘Sad stories about agricultural investment on right to food: A case of SAGCOT areas in Ruvuma’ notes that “cries of loss of land for small-scale farmers are widespread”.
04 Jun 2014 Daily News
Tanzania: Langrabbing is bad, it must be stopped
Some of the poorest people in this country are losing their land, water and natural resources that have supported their livelihoods for generations.
23 May 2014 Africa Intelligence
ETG ordered to hand back land
ETG considers the Government of Tanzania is trying to expropriate part of its land and is demanding compensation in the region of $20 million.
09 May 2014 Tanzania Daily News
EU, Dar sign agribusiness pact
The European Union (EU) has provided Tanzania a grant of 59.5 million euros for improved agri-business and trade facilitation that will support the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania.
09 May 2014 Tanzania Daily News
Project to support Bagamoyo sugarcane outgrowers imminent
The company wants an end to land conflicts in the area "where Dar es Salaam based bigwigs are frustrating the project" and incentives for ethanol production.
23 Apr 2014 Ecofin
Kenya : la haute cour déboute Vania Investment Pool et confirme son exclusion de l’OPA sur Rea Vipingo
Au Kenya, la haute cour de justice a confirmé la décision du gestionnaire des marchés de rejeter l’offre publique d’achat de Vania Investment Pool sur les actions du producteur de Sisal Rea Vipingo Plantations Ltd
17 Apr 2014 Reuters
Tanzania: Complex land rights feed 'grabbing' complaints in Tanzania
The world's quest for crops to produce biofuels has triggered a wave of controversial land acquisitions in Tanzania as foreign companies jostle for land that villagers and indigenous people claim as theirs.
27 Feb 2014 Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Partners keen to empower millions of farmers
Growers associations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen farmers' participation in the design and implementation of the Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor of Tanzania.
21 Feb 2014 WDM
Tanzanian tea: a new frontier for big business
In return for corporate investment and aid, African states are reforming policies to make it easier for corporations to operate in their farming sectors.


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