23 Sep 2017 IISD
Farmland investments are finding their way to international arbitration
Swedish investor EcoDevelopment registered a claim at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes against the Tanzanian government on September 11, 2017 for revoking a land title amid concerns over the impact on local communities and a wildlife sanctuary.
16 Sep 2017 FERN
European Development Finance Institutions and land grabs: The need for further independent scrutiny
This study highlights the role of European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in possible land grabs and questionable forestry projects in Africa.
14 Jun 2017 Liberation
Une agro-industrie africaine aux mains du privé, un avenir radieux pour l'humanité ?
Youssouf Porgo, de la Confédération paysanne du Faso, affirme que les paysans ont été lésés lors de la redistribution des terres après l’aménagement du pôle de croissance agricole de Bagré.
09 May 2017 ARTE
Vertueuses, les multinationales ? Le business de l'aide au développement
Une part croissante de l'aide publique au développement serait-elle détournée au profit de grandes multinationales du secteur agroalimentaire ? Une enquête stupéfiante menée dans trois pays africains.
03 Feb 2017 PLAAS
The dynamics of land deals in Africa
Looking at several large-scale land deals in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, this documentary highlights the nuanced impacts of these investments.
02 Feb 2017 ILEIA
Interview: “Pastoralist women have the capacity to lead”
In Tanzania, large scale investment is increasing and this has a huge impact on pastoralists’ access to land.
16 Jan 2017 Daily News
Cassava pact with Chinese firm 'a big boost'
Tanzania has entered into a $US 1 billion partnership agreement on commercialisation of cassava farming and processing with Tanzania Agricultural Export Processing Zone Limited and Epoch Agriculture from China.
21 Dec 2016 Ecofin
Tanzania government adopts new policy to stop land grabbing
According to Tanzania’s Land Affairs minister, William Lukuvi, the new policy responds mainly to the need to secure agricultural lands, which is vital for sustainable socio-economic growth.
19 Dec 2016 Eurasia Review
Tanzania adopts new policy to curb land grabbing – analysis
Tanzania has adopted a new national land policy which, among others, lowers the ceiling under which foreign investors can lease land from the current 99 to 33 years.
08 Dec 2016 Mondiaal Nieuws
Tanzania allows Maasai land to be stolen under the guise of development
Large-scale agricultural projects are driving people off their land in Tanzania. An example is the case of the Maasai of Mabwegere, who are being dealt with harshly.
06 Dec 2016 Daily News
Tanzania: Rufiji scheme to transform farming
The Executive Director of the Kuwait-based company, Africa Relief Organisation, financiers of the project, said his organisation has released 3bn/- to finance cultivation of 300 acres of rice this season alone at the new Rufiji irrigation belt.
30 Nov 2016 The Citizen
Making national land policy inclusive and people-centred
The Tanzanian government has held a series of stakeholders meetings to enable different interest groups to present their views on the draft National Land Policy, 2016.


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