10 Aug 2017 Manila Bulletin
Japanese traders eye Davao agri investments
Davao City Investment Promotions Center (DCIPC) chief Lemuel Ortonio met with a group of Japanese investors to discuss available areas for investment in Davao thriving agriculture sector.
01 Aug 2017
Japanese NGOs Request to JICA President on the ProSAVANA Objection Procedure/ 日本NGOによるJICA理事長宛要請文(プロサバンナ異議申し立てプロセス)
31 Jul 2017
Press Release on the Peasants Objection against ProSAVANA & JICA/プレスリリース「プロサバンナとJICAに対する地域住民の異議申立」
12 Jul 2017 DW
Moçambique: Investigação à JICA no caso ProSavana vista como conquista na luta contra o projeto
A atuação da JICA, a agência de cooperação do Japão, no projeto agrícola ProSavana em Moçambique vai ser investigada por uma comissão independente do Japão. É resultado de denúncias feitos pelos camponeses.
29 Jun 2017 Lusaka Times
Presidents of Zambia and Ghana cite Amatheon Agri as exemplary model of agricultural investment
Agribuiness partnerships with Africa are high on Germany’s agenda, says Amatheon Agri, which farms 3,000 ha in Zambia together with Toyota Group
07 Jun 2017 JASD
Discontents in Japan’s aid discourse in Africa: Land grabbing activism in Tokyo International Conference for Africa Development (TICAD) process
TICAD rhetoric of ownership and partnership has contributed to the transfer of land from local populations to the state and transnational corporations for the purpose of large-scale farming.
01 Jun 2017 JICA
Preliminary investigation launched into JICA's support for ProSavana programme in Mozambique
Formal investigation into JICA comes after request from Mozambican peasants stating that JICA failed to comply with its guidelines by not ensuring respect for human rights, stakeholder participation or information transparency and accountability
01 Jun 2017
Japanese Article on ProSAVANA(「プロサバンナ:農民不在の開発事業」)
15 Mar 2017 DW
ProSavana, a "pedra no sapato" que Filipe Nyusi leva para o Japão
O Presidente de Moçambique está de visita ao Japão e, entre outras coisas, leva na bagagem "uma dor de cabeça": o ProSavana. Maputo não mede esforços para concretizar o projeto agrícola e a sociedade civil para o parar.
13 Mar 2017 AIM
Mozambique: Pro-Savana to be reactivated
The Mozambican and Japanese governments will take advantage of President Filipe Nyusi's visit to Japan this week to reactivate the agricultural development project, Pro-Savana.
13 Mar 2017 No to ProSavana
Reposta ao Pronunciamento da JICA à Carta Aberta da Campanha Não ao ProSavana"
A JICA respondeu à denúncia da Campanha Não ao ProSavana da interferência da JICA na sociedade civil moçambicana numa carta, à qual a Campanha Não ao ProSavana respondeu à JICA com outra carta.
11 Mar 2017
JICA「回答」とキャンペーンの再要請 (JICA's Reply to "Open Letter" and Response from the Campaign)
2017年2月17日に、JICAの北岡伸一氏に提出されたモザンビーク8団体による「公開書簡:プロサバンナにおけるJICAの活動に関する抗議文」の回答が、要請期限から大幅に遅れて送られています。 その後、3月6日付けで、モザンビーク8団体からJICAへの返事が送られています。


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