Chinese firms eye Laos opportunities

The official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Laos will boost the business ties between the two nations. Agriculture is one of the main sectors targeted by Chinese investors in the neighboring country. Xi will visit the country from Monday to Tuesday.

China approves 10 international agricultural parks

China has approved plans to establish international agricultural demonstration zones in 10 countries. The projects include an agriculture technology park in Laos, Zambia dan Fiji, said agriculture ministry in a statement.

Livestock links advanced with Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City

Laos is allocating 1,500 hectares of farmland along the That Luang marsh channel to grow the feed grasses needed for cattle raising, according to Vientiane Livestock and Fisheries section official. Vientiane is cooperating with distributors in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City to expand the numbers of cattle.

Lao government promises over land are met with suspicion

Laos’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has estimated that government officials have given more than one million hectares of the country’s total land area of 23.7 million hectares as concessions to foreign investors