• Existing laws seen adequate to prevent foreign exploitation
    • Bangkok Post
    • 13 July 2009

    Nigeria allows foreigners -- like Thailand's Riceland International Co -- to lease land for growing rice and to run rice-related businesses including milling and processing.

  • Thai sugar grower gets 10,000 hectare land concession
    • Vietiane Times
    • 11 June 2009

    The Government of Laos has granted a major Thai investor a 10,000 ha concession in two central provinces of Laos to grow sugarcane.

  • Asia: Land grabs threaten food security
    • IRIN
    • 10 June 2009

    Sam Pov, a rice farmer in Cambodia’s western Battambang Province, is very worried that his land will be taken over by a foreign investor.

  • ADB, Japan to Help Lao PDR Strengthen Natural Resources Management
    • The Financial
    • 24 February 2009

    Over the past few years Laos has seen a surge of foreign investment in farms and plantations from neighboring countries keen to acquire rubber, sugar, and other agricultural commodities. Under this project, noncommercial details of land concession awards will be posted on a public website to improve transparency, while the commercial terms will be kept in a confidential database for monitoring compliance.

  • Kuwaiti firms eye investment in Lao agriculture
    • Vientiane Times
    • 14 February 2009

    A number of Kuwaiti businesses have expressed an interest in investing in agriculture in Laos, according to a Lao company owner.

  • Improving food security in Arab countries: Is land acquisition a viable strategy?
    • World Bank
    • 31 January 2009

    Saudi Arabia and the UAE are worldwide leaders in buying farmland in third-party countries, followed by China and Japan, says the World Bank.

  • China appropriates foreign and domestic land to build its rubber empire
    • Agweek
    • 12 January 2009

    Some Laotian farmers are losing their ancestral lands or being forced to become wage workers on what were once their fields

  • Insecurity drives farm purchases abroad
    • The Christian Science Monitor
    • 22 December 2008

    Land acquisitions abroad are the only viable response, Mohammed Raouf, program manager of environment research at the Gulf Research Center, and others say.

  • Rich countries launch great land grab to safeguard food supply
    • The Guardian
    • 22 November 2008

    Rich governments and corporations are triggering alarm for the poor as they buy up the rights to millions of hectares of agricultural land in developing countries in an effort to secure their own long-term food supplies.

  • Gulf states covet Asian farms
    • Asia Times
    • 26 September 2008

    Once committed largely to perceived safe-haven investments in the United States, Gulf nations are now looking to send their petrodollar surpluses towards a more exotic global destination: Southeast Asian farmland.

  • Qatar, Vietnam set up US$1b fund, eye agriculture, paper
    • Intellasia / Reuters
    • 04 September 2008

    8Natural gas exporter Qatar and Vietnam have set up a US$1 billion fund to invest in sectors including agriculture. Sovereign wealth fund Qatar Investment Authority will provide 90% of the fund's equity, Gulf Times reported, citing Phung The Long, Vietnam's Ambassador to Doha. "We have exchange ideas about setting up an animal farm for breeding cattle and lambs," The Long said.

  • Kuwait thrashes out farming deal
    • Myanmar Times
    • 01 September 2008

    A Kuwaiti delegation last week met with the Myanmar cabinet and industry officials to discuss investment in the agricultural sector.

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