27 Apr 2017 Xinhua
Chinese company to build modern agricultural industrial park in Laos
Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China's Xuanye (Lao) Co., Ltd/AVIC International Beijing Co., Ltd on a modern agricultural industrial park project in Laos.
07 Mar 2017 Vientiane Times
Chinese investors reconsider plantations as profits prove elusive in banana business
Some Chinese investors plan to shutter their banana farms in Laos and relocate to other countries while others plan to replace the yellow herbaceous fruit with other agricultural crops after sustaining losses.
11 Feb 2017 Vientiane Times
Lao farm products to enjoy tariff exemptions
Unprocessed Lao farm products raised and grown by Vietnamese investors in the 10 Lao provinces that share a border with Vietnam will enjoy tariff and value-added tax exemptions when exported to Vietnam.
04 Oct 2016 VietNamNet
Large M&A deal could change Vietnam’s sugar industry
Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group (HAGL) has finally confirmed that it is negotiating with Thanh Thanh Cong (TTC) on the transfer of its sugar mill and 6,000 ha plantation in Laos.
29 Sep 2016 Vietiane Times
Officials inspect banana plantation after workers fall ill
Vientiane officials went to observe operations at a 40,000-hectare Chinese-owned banana plantation in Pakngum district yesterday after five workers fell ill from pesticide exposure.
21 Sep 2016 Land Portal
Land Portal launches innovative dynamic country portfolios based on linked open data
Inclusive approach in concert with Mekong region partners forges unprecedented access to data and information on land
20 Sep 2016 RFA
Lao government promises over land are met with suspicion
Laos’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has estimated that government officials have given more than one million hectares of the country’s total land area of 23.7 million hectares as concessions to foreign investors
23 Aug 2016 Vientiane Times
Korean company looking to crack open cashew nut market
Provincial administration office in Champassak, Laos gave the go ahead for a US$9 million project by Korean company G Farm for planting cashew nut trees and processing plant. Agriculture and Forestry Department plans to promote the growing of 10,000 hectares of nuts in the province.
15 Jul 2016 RFA
Company uses loophole in Lao law to grab land in Savannakhet
Villagers in southern Savannakhet province have been at loggerheads with the Chinese-backed Lamxe Road-Bridge Construction Company since May, when the firm started clearing land for cattle farms.
18 May 2016 Vientiane Times
Saravan approves concession for custard apple plantation
Saravan provincial authorities in Laos approve a 200 ha land concession to a Korean company which will grow custard apple and moringa for export
07 Apr 2016 Vientiane Times
No more land concessions in Champassak
More than 100 companies both local and overseas have registered for land concessions on state land in Champassak, Laos.
11 Dec 2015 PNA
First batch of Laos rice exported to China
Laos says it will expand agricultural plantation areas and set up plantation regions to boost exports to China.


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