• Booming Gulf looks overseas for agriculture needs
    • Associated Press
    • 16 Nov 2008

    Gulf nations now are quietly scouring the globe for rich farmland to rent or buy outright.

  • Global Food Crisis: A Bowl of Opportunities for Muslim World
    • Dinar Standard
    • 03 Nov 2008

    This analysis looks at how the oil-rich Muslim economies could leverage their existing relationships with agriculture based Muslim economies (which have a wide productivity gap with the worlds net agriculture exporters) taking them to globally competitive levels; reaping for themselves high investment returns, securing their own food sources, and contributing to alleviation of the food crisis from other Muslim countries.

  • 3 Gulf firms sign major farm deal with Turkey
    • Arab News
    • 02 Nov 2008

    Vision3, an alliance of three major Gulf financial institutions, has signed a landmark deal with Turkey paving the way for nearly $9 billion investment in Turkey’s agricultural sector.

  • Asset-backed Real Islamic Investments Offer Remedy to Financial Uncertainties, says UK-based cru Investment Management
    • Zawya
    • 25 Oct 2008

    The fund, which will invest in commercial agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, has dual-purpose - to ensure returns in the range of 15-20 per cent, while the investment helps to create jobs and give rural Africans the chance to help themselves out of poverty. Currently, cru has significant exposure to commercial agriculture in Malawi with over 2,500 hectares of land under its own control and another 4,000 hectares in outgrower schemes.

  • UAE examines farm future
    • The National
    • 19 Oct 2008

    Some experts believe that the emphasis should be on overseas agricultural investments as well as a boost in trade relationships, due to the unavoidable handicaps to domestic agriculture.

  • Rising wheat crisis | Pakistan eyeing corporate farming
    • The Post
    • 12 Oct 2008

    Talks are on with investors from Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. 25,000 Punjab villages will be affected.

  • Philippines keen on UAE investments
    • Gulf News
    • 07 Oct 2008

    Margarito B. Teves, Finance Secretary of the Philippines, spoke to Gulf News about the potential for joint investment initiatives between the UAE and the Philippines. "The UAE can count on the Philippines as a reliable supplier of food products permissible under Sharia."

  • FACTBOX: Investing in Africa: Land and agriculture
    • Reuters
    • 07 Oct 2008

    Soaring food prices, supply fears among import-dependent countries and rising demand for biofuels have driven up investment in agricultural land, notably in Africa.

  • Sudan spends $1.5 billion to develop agriculture
    • Sudan Tribune
    • 05 Oct 2008

    Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will spend three billion Sudanese pounds (1.5 billion USD) up to the end of the year to implement a massive program to develop the agricultural sector.

  • Foreigners farm for themselves in a hungry Africa
    • Los Angeles Times
    • 28 Sep 2008

    Some of the world's richest nations are coming to grow crops and export the yields, hoping to turn the global epicenter of malnutrition into a breadbasket for themselves.

  • Gulf states covet Asian farms
    • Asia Times
    • 26 Sep 2008

    Once committed largely to perceived safe-haven investments in the United States, Gulf nations are now looking to send their petrodollar surpluses towards a more exotic global destination: Southeast Asian farmland.

  • Wikileaks: Leading businessman on Sudan's agriculture sector, foreign-investor activity, and government mismanagement
    • Wikileaks
    • 18 Sep 2008

    "In a wide-ranging conversation, Sudanese business magnate Osama Daoud outlined a project to gradually develop as much as 1.26 million acres in northern Sudan for agricultural production," reports the US Embassy in Khartoum

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