Sudan: It's business time in Juba

A group of twenty Dutch companies visited Juba this week, looking for business opportunities. In the South Sudanese capital they bumped into a 50-member strong delegation from Japan, who was there for exactly the same purpose. Meanwhile, the Indians are on their way.

Food finance: Founding farmers

Asset owners and managers are signing up to a series of principles on how they invest in agricultural land. Will this mollify critics of the land grab? Nick Lord reports.

Forest fears as Paraguay's Chaco region sees land rush

In recent years, Mennonite Christians have been joined by Brazilian ranchers and private European investors, mainly from France, Germany and the Netherlands, to partake in a 21st Century land rush that has wiped out 1m hectares - nearly 10% of the forest - in just four years.

Ghana to become leading rice producer in West Africa

Mr Daniel Amelorku, District Chief Executive of South Tongu District in the Volta Region of Ghana said his district has provided 1,000 hectares of land to Global Agri-Development Company (GADCO) and would be expanded to 4,000 hectares within four years to achieve the target.

Land grabbing in Ethiopia - welfare or farewell

This study is conducted in order to shed light on and investigate the welfare situation for people affected by farmland investments. It deals with three cases in the Oromia region: Castel Winery, Elfora Agro-Industries PLC and Sher Ethiopia PLC

Landnahme in Äthiopien

Das Klima ist ideal, Arbeitskräfte sind billig und die lukrativsten Märkte sind nur wenige Flugstunden entfernt. In Äthiopien züchten Investoren tonnenweise Gemüse und Reis. Jedoch nicht für die Bevölkerung.