02 Nov 2017 RIAO-RDC
Threats on Feronia’s plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Communiqué from RIAO DRC denouncing recent threats and intimidation against communities and NGOs in the oil palm plantation areas of the Canadian company Feronia.
19 Oct 2017 Agence Ecofin
Ghana : une start-up se spécialise dans la délivrance des titres fonciers
Une start-up basée à Amsterdam et opérant au Ghana développe des solutions pour délivrer aux petits exploitants des titres de propriétés basés tant sur les droits consacrés juridiquement que sur les droits coutumiers.
16 Sep 2017 FERN
European Development Finance Institutions and land grabs: The need for further independent scrutiny
This study highlights the role of European Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in possible land grabs and questionable forestry projects in Africa.
10 Aug 2017 Commodafrica
L'achat de terres agricoles par les étrangers ? Les Etats-Unis connaissent aussi !
De 2004 à 2014, le volume de terres agricoles aux Etats-Unis détenues par des étrangers aurait doublé, les acheteurs étant essentiellement des canadiens, des néerlandais et des allemands
04 Aug 2017 Le Monde
Roumanie, la terre promise des agriculteurs européens
En vingt ans, la Roumanie est devenue l’eldorado des exploitants de France et d’ailleurs. Attirés par ses sols fertiles à bas prix, sa main-d’œuvre peu onéreuse et les aides de Bruxelles, ces pionniers y ont fondé des exploitations prospères.
29 May 2017 Maravi Post
Land rights now! A loud calling from the homeless and destitute
A recent visit to the district of Salima uncovered how a senior chief displaced poor families when she made shabby land deals with the Dutch company Malawi Mangoes Limited, which is backed by the World Bank and the FMO of the Netherlands.
13 Jan 2017 Bloemisterij
Development of new horticultural area in Ethiopia
While Dutch ag investors get priority access to 1500 ha near Hawassa, their embassy is helping the Ethiopian government start a conversation with its discontented population.
23 Oct 2016 Daily Mail
Dutch farmer on Ethiopia violence: 'I was terribly scared'
After nearly a year of protests, demonstrators in Ethiopia turned their anger to foreign investors who they blame for occupying land appropriated by the government.
10 Sep 2016 France Info
Australie : les Britanniques possèdent plus de terres agricoles que les Chinois
Le gouvernement australien vient de rendre public son registre des exploitations agricoles. Surprise : ce ne sont pas des groupes chinois qui possèdent le plus de terres, mais des investisseurs britanniques et américains.
02 Sep 2016 AllAboutFeed
De Heus to build demonstration farm in Vietnam
Last June, Dutch animal feed company De Heus started the construction of a demonstration farm for 400 sows and 800 fattening pigs in Vietnam.
04 Jul 2016 Retail Detail
FrieslandCampina targets market in Pakistan
FrieslandCampina has acquired 51 % of Engro Foods Limited, the second largest dairy producer in Pakistan and owner of a 4,000 cattle dairy farm.
16 May 2016 AFR
Australia's $1 billion beef boom funded by foreign investment and super
Australia's cattle station sector is set to reach more than $1 billion-worth of deals in less than a year, with the two biggest sources of investment being the controversial areas of foreign investment and superannuation.


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