Baldíos: ¿reforma agraria para pocos?

Wilson Arias recientemente denunció que Cargill, una de las multinacionales agroindustriales “ha acaparado en la altillanura colombiana al menos 26.000 hectáreas de tierra con antecedente de baldío”.

Cargill fund ups BFB stake

Black River Asset Management, a hedge fund run by an arm of the world's largest agriculture company, Cargill, has increased its stake in the unlisted agricultural company BFB Group

Cargill expanding palm-oil plantations in Indonesia

“We are aggressively looking for new areas in Sulawesi, Central Kalimantan and South Sumatra that are environmentally safe to expand our oil-palm footprint,” says president-director of the company’s oil-palm plantations in Sumatra.

Cargill fund boosts agri firm expansion

Powered by a $34.45-million infusion from a Singapore-based hedge fund owned by Cargill Inc., the expansion and acquisition binge of AgriNurture Inc. has accelerated into a buildup of farm hectarage that will see the company buy up some 1,400 hectares.