Ruée sur les terres africaines
    Carl Heinrich Bruhn, cet entrepreneur allemand a loué 30 000 hectares de terres en Zambie, affirme qu'il n'est pas un accapareur de terres. Il veut que les agriculteurs locaux aient désormais accès aux engrais et aux insecticides pour augmenter leurs rendements.
    • Deutsche Welle
    • 25 Apr 2013
    Land ownership debate hots up
    Delegates demand that land should not be recklessly sold to foreigners during proceedings at Zambia's National Constitution Convention in Lusaka.
    • The Times of Zambia
    • 19 Apr 2013
    New IIED publications on agricultural investments in Mali and Zambia
    Two new reports by IIED look at agricultural investments and land acquisitions in Mali Ans Zambia.
    • IIED
    • 29 Jan 2013
    Des fermiers étrangers sapent la sécurité alimentaire
    Le développement agricole accru en Zambie compromettra en réalité la sécurité alimentaire du pays, puisque des fermiers continuent d’être chassés de leurs terres coutumières pour ouvrir la voie à l’agro-industrie locale et étrangère à grande échelle.
    • IPS
    • 07 Nov 2012
    Seguridad alimentaria en Zambia en manos de pequeños agricultores
    "El acaparamiento de tierras aumenta la incidencia y la prevalencia de la pobreza en el país al aumentar la cantidad de personas que no pueden cultivar su propio alimento ni enviar a sus hijos a la escuela"
    • IPS
    • 06 Nov 2012
    Foreign farmers undermine food security in Zambia
    Increased agricultural development in Zambia will actually compromise the country’s food security as peasant farmers continue to be driven off their customary land to pave the way for large-scale local and foreign agribusiness.
    • IPS
    • 01 Nov 2012
    Land acquisitions in the developing world – the new resource imperialism?
    The Kiel Institute suggests that if such investments are governed more effectively, land acquisitions can provide the developing world with positive opportunities.
    • ISN Security Watch
    • 04 Oct 2012
    Singapore firm takes over Zambia's biggest coffee estate
    Olam's acquisition includes five estates on 5,866 hectares of land in northern Zambia's Kasama district.
    • Xinhua
    • 26 Sep 2012
    Zambia: State launches agro investment platform
    African Development Bank (AfDB) country director, Freddie Kwesiga, said the co-operating partners look forward to specific interventions to ensure improved land tenure and equitable access to land by partnerships of small, medium and large-scale investors.
    • Daily Mail
    • 07 Aug 2012
    Quicken Nansanga process of investment, ZDA urged
    A senior government official in Serenje has urged the Zambia Development Agency to quicken the process of facilitating investment inflow in the 155,000-hectare Nansanga farm block in Central Province.
    • Daily Mail
    • 24 Jul 2012
    African countries invite Indian investment in agriculture
    African nations like Zambia, Ethiopia and Mozambique invited Indian investors to invest in various sectors, especially in agriculture, saying this has the potential to provide food to both Africa and India.
    • IANS
    • 22 Jun 2012
    Invest in agriculture, Veep urges private firms
    Zambia's Vice-President Guy Scott calls on private companies in the country to invest in agriculture and commercialise the sector to boost production of more maize for export.
    • Zambia Daily Mail
    • 06 Jun 2012

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