British Company invests in Zambia

Zambian government has made agriculture development a priority as evidenced by the reserving of 1 million hectares of land for cultivation and investment, according to foreign investor Neil Crowder

Atlas Farming could transform SADC agriculture landscape

Atlas Farming, which had successful farming ventures in Zimbabwe from the late 1960s until president Robert Mugabe's much criticised land reforms around 2000, has partnered with Chayton Capital to invest in large-scale farming in Zambia.

Firm to invest K1.1 trillion

CHOBE agrivision will become the largest agri-business in Zambia surpassing ZAMBEFF PLC according to owners Chayton Capital

Egypt: Southern farming

The wheat farms in Sudan & Uganda are not Egypt’s first foray into overseas farming — the government operates a corn farm in Zambia, a rice farm in Niger, a vegetable farm in Tanzania and plans 14 more farms across Africa — but they are significant because they are among the first efforts to address wheat scarcity after the instability of 2008.