Olam’s rice nucleus program

The commercial farm currently has 3,000 hectares under cultivation and another 3,000 hectares will be developed in 2015, while 3,000 farmers are involved in its outgrower programme.

Le programme «Gabon vert»

À la veille des premières récoltes de l'huile de palme du partenariat entre le gouvernement gabonais et le géant singapourien Olam, le projet fait débat au Gabon.

Olam sells down Uruguay dairy land

NZ Farming Systems Uruguay, the South American dairy unit of Singapore-based Olam International, has sold some 7,771 hectares of farm land in Uruguay to local interests.

Olam boosts rice farming

Olam's Nigerian subsidiary has completed arrangements to expand its rice plantation in Nasarawa State from 3,000 ha to 6,000 ha.