06 Sep 2017 Agrimoney
Zambeef shares tumble, as weak crop prices, wheat disease hit profits
The group, backed by European development banks, revealed it had sold 90% of its Zampalm operation to the Industrial Development Corporation of Zambia, a state-backed fund, for $16m
31 Aug 2017 GAI
AgDevCo invests $5M in Zambia’s Katito farming enterprises
AgDevCo expects that its investments in two large-scale commercial farming enterprises in Zambia will provide the “critical mass” needed to attract ancillary businesses along the supply chain
08 Aug 2017 Zambia Daily Mail
Zambia, China agric co-operation in fast development mode
Two Chinese media firms – China Agriculture Film and Television Center and Global Max Media Group – co-hosted the China Africa Agriculture Co-operation and Development Summit in Lusaka.
07 Aug 2017 Reuters
China approves 10 international agricultural parks
China has approved plans to establish international agricultural demonstration zones in 10 countries. The projects include an agriculture technology park in Laos, Zambia dan Fiji, said agriculture ministry in a statement.
06 Aug 2017 Commodafrica
La Chine va créer des zones de démonstration agricole dans 10 pays
Le ministère chinois de l'Agriculture a validé la création de "zones de démonstration agricole à l'international" dans 10 pays, rapporte Reuters. Objectif : accroître son influence sur le secteur agricole mondial.
06 Aug 2017 FMPRC
Speech at the China Africa Agriculture Cooperation and Development Summit
"China will continue to encourage Chinese enterprises to invest in large-scale farming, animal husbandry, grain storage and processing in Africa," says China's Ambassador to Zambia.
29 Jun 2017 Lusaka Times
Presidents of Zambia and Ghana cite Amatheon Agri as exemplary model of agricultural investment
Agribuiness partnerships with Africa are high on Germany’s agenda, says Amatheon Agri, which farms 3,000 ha in Zambia together with Toyota Group
29 May 2017 Al Jazeera
Zambia land grab: Chiefs' land sale sparks national outrage
Al Jazeera investigates how land is being sold and people displaced to make way for agribusiness in Zambia, putting many Zambians at risk of becoming squatters on their own land.
19 May 2017 Food Tank
Land and the right to food in Zambia: U.N. envoy urges shifts away from large-scale projects
Leave it to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Hilal Elver, to remind the Zambian government—and all of us—that in agricultural countries such as Zambia the right to food depends on the access of the rural poor to land.
15 May 2017 HCDH
Zambia’s peasants at risk of becoming squatters on their own land – UN expert warns
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food cautions that many Zambian peasants are at risk of becoming squatters on their own land as Zambia is turned into Southern Africa’s food basket.
09 May 2017 ARTE
Vertueuses, les multinationales ? Le business de l'aide au développement
Une part croissante de l'aide publique au développement serait-elle détournée au profit de grandes multinationales du secteur agroalimentaire ? Une enquête stupéfiante menée dans trois pays africains.
03 Feb 2017 PLAAS
The dynamics of land deals in Africa
Looking at several large-scale land deals in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, this documentary highlights the nuanced impacts of these investments.


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