A better land grab for China?

Better food and know-how for China, more food for Singapore: if the deal actually comes to pass, it strikes me as a fairly solid bargain, writes Te-Ping Chen.

Singapore boosts local farming for food security

Government of Singapore has set up a fund to support feasibility studies on investments in overseas food zones, overseas contract farming and other non-traditional sources of food security for the city-state.

Vita Grain says priority is to support stock-piling of rice in Singapore

Vita Grain Group, which is backed by US $60 million of funding, owns more than 20 different strains of hybrid rice seeds. Vita Grain is looking for funding to expand its seed production beyond Africa to Asia, the US and South America. The company is also setting up a rice mill in Mauritius and is in talks with partners in Botswana, Madagascar and Mozambique to develop rice production units.