Gabon : Olam démarre ses palmeraies en octobre prochain

Le groupe singapourien Olam démarre en octobre prochain, un projet de 300 000 hectares de palmiers à huile. Le ministère de l’Agriculture lance une opération d’identification des populations rurales en vue de leur expropriation.

Asia's hungry agribusinesses

The global boom in commodities has raised the profile of three Asian agribusinesses: Olam, Wilmar and Noble, all with important farmland holdings.

GM 'lesser of two evils': Olam

Mr Verghese says that Olam sees "sustainable value" in investing in agriculture, including farmland, and that GM crops are an inevitable "must".

Singapore looks to China for food security

Singapore is eyeing a gigantic farming project in northeast China that could help the small, densely populated city-state diversify its food supplies, while offering export opportunities for its expertise in food safety and investment opportunities for its businesses.

The mob action in Tema

Wilmar claim to be investing in project that will employ 500 people with investment capital of $40 million. Yet the land in question supports the entire fishing industry in Tema.