China's New Hope to set up overseas investment fund

China's largest animal feed producer will launch an overseas fund this month with international investors, including Singapore's Temasek Holdings, that will set up farms in the Middle East, South Africa and central Europe.

Producteurs d'huile de palme cherchent terrains

Soumis à des contraintes d’espace, les groupes asiatiques multiplient les accords en Afrique. Si le pari est parfois risqué, les perspectives de la demande mondiale en huile de palme leur laissent entrevoir un fort retour sur investissement.

New frontier palm oil players look to RSPO

African and South American palm oil players are flocking to join the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, highlighting a growing trend of the industry’s rapid expansion outside main producing region Southeast Asia

The Africasia Funds open for subscription

The Funds will invest in agricultural, renewable energy plantations and forestry businesses, with a fundamental principal of owning the core assets through the funds with the management of all operations carried out by established operators in the region.