05 Jan 2018 RFI
La terre au coeur des préoccupations des Libériens
Malgré des terres abondantes, détenues en partie par des grandes compagnies multinationales, les Libériens importent la majorité de leurs aliments. Georges Weah veut inverser cette tendance.
13 Nov 2017 B&HR
Liberia: EPO releases executive summary of the findings of the company's Human Rights Impact Assessment
This is the executive summary of a report titled “Assessing Human Rights Impacts at EPO’s Liberian Operations” delivered by Triponel Consulting Ltd
06 Oct 2017 Project Syndicate
Securing land rights in Africa
Across the continent, insecure rights to land are robbing millions of financial stability and long-term prosperity.
24 Sep 2017 WRM
SOCFIN’s plantations in Africa: Many places of violence and destruction
There is a large gap between SOCFIN's “responsible management” policy and the reality of violence and destruction around its plantations, where, with the complicity of national governments, the company attempts to suppress people’s resistance.
26 Jul 2017 RRI
Large scale concessions in Liberia violate women’s land and resource rights and fail to deliver promised benefits
Community and rural women, who rely on their customary lands for their survival, cultures, and livelihoods, are often cut off from the decision-making processes concerning large scale concessions that affect them.
12 May 2017 Mongabay
In Liberia, a battered palm oil industry adjusts to new rules
The industry expected to find green pastures in Liberia, but early missteps and new environmental restrictions have led to slow expansion.
27 Mar 2017 WRI
Logging, mining, and agricultural concessions data transparency: A survey of 14 forested countries
Report gives an overview of the availability of information for land concessions in Brazil, Canada, Cambodia, Colombia, Indonesia, Liberia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Republic of the Congo, and Russia.
10 Feb 2017 RRI
Tenure and investment in Africa
Analysis details statistical evidence of key trends in tenure-related disputes between companies and local peoples across Africa, including their causes as well as the prevalence of violence, work stoppages, and regulatory interventions.
09 Feb 2017 RRI
Tenure foncière et investissements en Afrique : Analyse comparative des tendances clés et facteurs contextuels
Le présent document fait une représentation empirique des causes et des effets des litiges fonciers entre les acteurs du secteur privé et les populations locales dans différents pays et sous-régions d’Afrique.
15 Nov 2016 Frontpage Africa
Sinoeans confirm Global Witness land grab report on GVL
Citizens of Kpanyan Statutory District in Sinoe County, Liberia have given a one-month ultimatum to Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) to either meet their demands or leave the county.
15 Nov 2016 CommodAfrica
Un guichet unique pour les questions foncières au Liberia
La présidente Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a approuvé et promulgué la Loi sur les Autorités foncières du Liberia qui établit un guichet unique pour les questions foncières.
20 Oct 2016 Guardian
Liberia: the growth of a new palm oil frontier
Golden Veroleum Liberia is building one of the largest palm oil plantations in the civil-war scarred country, bringing jobs but dividing communities


Women in Africa launch petition to stop all forms of abuse against women in oil palm plantations. Please sign 

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