Olivier de Schutter

Hungry for land

Growing food in foreign lands has a long history. But the 21st century version of outsourced agriculture presages something fundamentally new.

Food follies

The Federal Minister of Investment in Pakistan, Waqar Ahmed Khan, said this week that the government plans to sell or lease 1 million acres of farmland to foreign investors, primarily from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Although the news has yet to gain much coverage, if carried out it could punctuate growing unrest and frustration, given Pakistan’s limited amount of arable land and population of more than 170 million.

UN official calls for regulating farmland purchases

The UN’s food security expert, Olivier de Schutter, has called for a “code of conduct” to regulate the purchase of swathes of farmland across Africa, Asia and Latin America by Gulf states and private companies pursuing agribusiness.

L’accaparement des terres dans les pays du sud

Dans un entretien à Mediapart, Olivier de Schutter, rapporteur spécial des Nations unies pour le droit à l’alimentation, successeur de Jean Ziegler à ce poste depuis mai 2008, analyse avec précision ce phénomène en forte accélération d’«accaparement des terres».