• Indonesian govt, Binladin Group discuss $4b rice project
    • Dow Jones
    • 12 Aug 2008

    Indonesia's Minister of Agriculture and other senior government officials Tuesday said they met with senior members of Saudi Arabia's Binladin Group to discuss the investment group's plans to spend at least $4 billion developing at least 500,000 hectares of Indonesian land for rice production.

  • Merauke mega-project raises food fears
    • Down to Earth
    • 01 Aug 2008

    A food mega-project planned for a vast area in the Papuan district of Merauke is causing concern that indigenous people's land will be taken and their livelihoods destroyed.

  • S Korean Co to invest US$2bn in Indonesian maize plantations
    • Antara
    • 29 Jul 2008

    South Korean-based PT Agro Enerpia Indonesia will invest US$2 billion in maize plantations in the Buol district of Central Sulawesi, a regional government spokesman said.

  • Exporting Farmland to Feed Global Demand
    • Wall Street Journal
    • 11 Jul 2008

    Emerging nations are trying to cash in on the global food crisis by getting big importers of crops to effectively lease their farmlands -- a new trend that is already sparking complaints from farmers in some countries who are concerned about their own food supplies.

  • Saudis plan Rp600B rice estate investment
    • Indonesia Investmenet Coordinating Board
    • 07 Jul 2008

    A consortium of 15 Saudi Arabian investors is ready to take part in the Merauke Integrated Rice Estate (MIRE), injecting at least Rp600 billion ($65.04 million) into the region. The Agriculture Ministry's Secretary General, Hasanuddin Ibrahim, said each investor wanted to open about 5,000 to 10,000 hectares of land in Merauke, Papua.

  • Nationalistic capitalism and the food crisis
    • China Dialogue
    • 03 Jun 2008

    One would expect China to add food crops, or farm land, into its growing number of arrangements with African nations, which could explain part of China’s support for Robert Mugabe in that potential breadbasket, Zimbabwe (one report states that China has already received rights to farm 250,000 acres, or 1,000 square kilometres, of corn in southern Zimbabwe).

  • Indian firms scout for farms overseas
    • The Hindu Business Line
    • 02 Dec 2007

    The Solvent Extraction Association, currently visiting South America, will come up with a techno-feasibility report on carrying out contract farming by Indian companies either in Argentina, Paraguay or Uruguay.

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