New York investment firm mulling more land leases in S. Sudan
    Jarch Management Group, Ltd., a US investment firm, disclosed that it is considering additional opportunities to lease large tracts of farmland in Southern Sudan.
    • Sudan Tribune
    • 16 Apr 2009
    FACTBOX: Foreign forays into African farming
    A move by Madagascar's army-backed leader to nix a huge South Korean farming deal has exposed the risks of such ventures in Africa.
    • Reuters
    • 20 Mar 2009
    Un banquier new-yorkais mise sur l'éclatement du Soudan
    Un financier new-yorkais vient d'acquérir 400 000 hectares de terres au Soudan. En plus de constituer l'une des plus importantes transactions de ce type depuis la vente de l'Alaska au XIXe siècle, cette transaction fait partie d'une stratégie troublante: la firme Jarch Capital parie que le Soudan, et d'autres pays africains, sont sur le point de se morceler en plusieurs États.
    • La Presse
    • 30 Jan 2009
    Sudan beckons for new investors
    Of all the places on this planet where you might think of investing, Sudan would surely not normally be at the top of anyone’s list. But that is not the view of Philippe Heilberg of Jarch Capital in New York, who told the BBC that his company was leasing 400,000 hectares in the relatively more stable south part of the country.
    • BBC
    • 28 Jan 2009
    South Sudan looking into US land deal
    South Sudan's administration is looking into a 4,000 sq km land investment by a US businessman because of questions over who owns the plot, a senior official said on Tuesday.
    • Reuters
    • 27 Jan 2009
    The New Land Grab
    Even the World Bank is continuing its role as a neo-colonial consensus agent by actively pursuing and financing access to 'under-utilised land' around the world through its International Finance Corporation.
    • South African Civil Society Information Service
    • 20 Jan 2009
    Selling Africa by the pound
    Land ownership could prove contentious. In the distant past, it was often held by communities as a whole or vested in traditional authorities. State officials now often have the greatest say. That opens the potential for official abuse of yet another valuable resource.
    • Reuters
    • 13 Jan 2009
    US investor buys Sudanese warlord’s land
    A US businessman backed by former CIA and state department officials says he has secured a vast tract of fertile land in south Sudan from the family of a notorious warlord.
    • Financial Times
    • 09 Jan 2009
    Quest to create a new Sudan bread basket
    Unity state, where Philippe Heilberg, a US businessman, says he has secured a huge tract of arable land, is inaccessible even by south Sudan’s standards. Apart from AK-47 assault rifles, it is deprived of most of the trappings of the modern world.
    • Financial Times
    • 09 Jan 2009
    U.S. firm to invest in agriculture in South Sudan
    A privately held US investment firm entered into an agricultural investment with a company controlled by the son of a South Sudanese general.
    • Sudan Tribune
    • 03 Jan 2009

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