The price of palm

Broadcast with Joseph Rahall, Shiaka Sama and Frédéric Mousseau that looks at the struggle over land around Socfin's 18,500 ha oil palm concession in Sierra Leone.

Suffering silenced in Sierra Leone

SOCFIN's operations in Sierra Leone is one of 5 cases documented by Friend of the Earth Europe to highlight the lack of accountability of European multinationals

Report: Michelin covered up industrial deforestation by its Indonesian partner in “eco-friendly” rubber venture

A new report released today by environmental campaign group Mighty Earth alleges that Michelin, the world’s largest tire company, was complicit in and covered up industrial-scale deforestation of over 2,500 hectares of rainforest in the run-up to the launch of its flagship ‘eco-friendly’ sustainable natural rubber joint venture project in Sumatra, Indonesia.