Land grabbing in Romania

The Romanian NGO Eco Ruralis has published several fact sheets on foreign companies grabbing farmland in Romania, including Padova Agricultura, Riso Scotti, Generali, and Bardeau.

Romania: El Dorado for farmland dealers

The land market in Romania is left to chance, any occasional businessman being free to trade arable or forest land as long as they have a good lawyer or are up to paying a bribe to some civil servant.

Accaparement des terres: en France aussi?

Investisseurs chinois, russes, fonds de pension: de plus en plus de terres agricoles passent aux mains d'investisseurs et échappent aux agriculteurs français, faisant courir un risque pour la souveraineté alimentaire, s'alarment les Safer.

Romania: Land for sale

Due to the high cost of land back home, lack of credit, and a paralyzing bureaucracy, Italian farmers are moving from Italy to Ro­mania where it is easier to start a farm.