Chinese firms grab land from fleeing Kachin farmers

As conflict raged across Kachin state, a group of Chinese investors recently bought up large amounts of farmland in the Hukaung Valley and other parts of the state in order to expand rubber and cassava plantations, says Kachin peace activist, Khun Jar.

Rebel ceasefire fuels Myanmar land grabs: report

Villagers have been forced from land with little or no compensation, harassed and extorted by both sides as land is parcelled off to domestic and foreign firms including from China and Thailand

Policeman killed, 42 injured in Myanmar land grab clash

A policeman died and 42 people were injured in Myanmar on Wednesday during a protest by farmers over what they said was a land grab by a private company, a growing source of tension as people assert their rights after the end of military rule.

Myanmar’s golden opportunity

With 6 million hectares earmarked for agricultural commercialization, notably rubber plantations, millions of Burmese have been or stand to be dispossessed of land.

Myanmar details new foreign investment law

Investment law allows overseas firms to fully own ventures and to lease land from the government or from authorised private owners for up to 50 years, with options for two extensions of 10 years each time.