• Courts, cops, cronies driving farmers to ruin
    • AHRC
    • 14 May 2014

    Asian Human Rights Commission says the frenzy of land grabbing in Burma amid the country's transition to nominally democratic government shows no signs of abating.

  • Farmers and agricultural workers in Myanmar denounce land grabs
    • IUF
    • 30 Apr 2014

    The First Congress of the Agriculture and Farmers’ Federation of Myanmar denounced the serious threat to the livelihoods of small farmers and agricultural workers caused by land grabs.

  • Ploughing protesters highlight land grab grievances in Myanmar
    • SCMP
    • 07 Apr 2014

    Myanmar's swift economic development has been marked by the rise of a new class of political dissidents: the ploughing protesters.

  • S'pore developer pushes for business in Myanmar
    • Straits Times
    • 12 Mar 2014

    Real estate developer Yoma Strategic Holdings is ramping up its push into Myanmar, including in agriculture where it has formed a holding in which the World Bank's IFC holds 20%.

  • A political anatomy of land grabs
    • Myanmar Times
    • 03 Mar 2014

    “Crony companies” with extreme wealth and political leverage have become the new driver of land grabs in different parts of Burma, often financially backed by foreign investors.

  • Asia's great land grab
    • RFA
    • 26 Feb 2014

    Rising tension over land seizures is emerging as a critical issue in Asia. An RFA special report examines the changing dynamic of Asia’s Great Land Grab.

  • British envoy cautions on land investments in Burma
    • Irrawaddy
    • 27 Jan 2014

    The UK’s business ambassador for agriculture and CEO of large-scale agriculture firm Velcourt Group, James Townshend, met with Burmese government officials and toured agricultural projects in the country.

  • Govt not recognizing scale of land-grabs in Burma: lawmakers
    • The Irrawaddy
    • 22 Jan 2014

    “We’ve found that they [the government] does not want to give back land to the people because they know the land has a lot of value and will be good to sell in the future.”

  • Birmania abre las puertas a las trasnacionales, pero con sombras
    • IPS
    • 20 Jan 2014

    La cuestión clave para algunos recién llegados al mundo de los negocios de Birmania parece ser el acceso a la tierra.

  • Thousands turn out for Yangon protest
    • AFP
    • 06 Jan 2014

    Protester Tun Lin Aung said about 200 farmers from his village in the Irrawaddy Delta region were in prison for trespassing due to land disputes.

  • Birmanie: la Constitution remise en question
    • RFI
    • 06 Jan 2014

    Hier, des milliers de personnes ont manifesté à Rangoon pour réclamer l’abolition des lois répressives, notamment celle qui permet au pouvoir d’arrêter des activistes qui s’intéressent à des sujets sensibles comme les droits fonciers.

  • Beefing up ties with Myanmar
    • Financial Express
    • 19 Nov 2013

    Myanmar officials have proposed to Bangladesh to invest in agriculture in their country as it has a lot of arable lands for this purpose. The Myanmar government also said they were ready to give long-term lease of land to Bangladeshi entrepreneurs for agricultural purposes from which both the countries would benefit.

Who's involved?

Who's involved?

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