The scramble for African land (1)

"Today, all patriotic Africans are weeping when they see how African governments are giving out African lands, dispossessing the African people of their ancestral land, for practically next to nothing, in the name of attracting foreign investors!", writes Abba Mahmood

Mohammed VI plus riche que les émirs du Qatar et du Koweït

le roi est propriétaire de vastes exploitations agricoles, notamment sur les terres les plus fertiles du Sahara occidental. Leurs produits sont écoulés sur le marché européen à la faveur de l´Accord agricole renouvelé, la semaine dernière, avec l´Union européenne, et sous forme de monopole sur le marché local.

GCC expansion: More Gulf food security?

In the face of growing economies and rising populations, food security is fast becoming a critical issue for GCC countries. Socio-political problems that arise from food price inflation and some related unrest witnessed in many countries of the Arab world have also created an added sense of urgency.