27 Mar 2017 WRI
Logging, mining, and agricultural concessions data transparency: A survey of 14 forested countries
Report gives an overview of the availability of information for land concessions in Brazil, Canada, Cambodia, Colombia, Indonesia, Liberia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Republic of the Congo, and Russia.
27 Feb 2017 ICJ
Myanmar: amend Special Economic Zones Law to protect human rights – new ICJ report
The Government of Myanmar should impose a moratorium on the development of SEZs until it can ensure SEZs can be developed inline with international human rights laws and standards, said the ICJ at a report launch held today in Yangon.
05 Feb 2017 Oxfam
Whose crops, at what price? Agricultural investment in Myanmar
Oxfam looks at the current level and types of agribusiness investment in Myanmar, outlines some of the risks to communities, and explores state regulation of outbound investments as a potential way to promote responsible business practices in the sector.
22 Jan 2017 Korea Times
POSCO Daewoo launches agribusiness in Myanmar
According to a POSCO Daewoo official, Sunday, Korea's largest trading affiliate under POSCO group has secured construction and investment approval from the Myanmar government to build a rice processing complex (RPC) in Twante.
16 Jan 2017 AFP
Damnées de la terre : en quête d'emploi, des Birmanes mariées de force en Chine
La "situation s'aggrave en raison des combats dans certaines régions et de l'accaparement des terres", qui prive les paysans de leur moyen de subsistance, explique Moon Nay Li, secrétaire de la Kwat.
12 Jan 2017 EIA
Green Desert: Communities in Tanintharyi Renounce the MSPP Oil Palm Concession
This notorious palm oil industry has now expanded to Myanmar with devastating consequences for human rights and the environment
10 Jan 2017 SBS
Farmers granted bail in Myanmar army land-grabbing case
Twenty-one farmers were granted bail by a Myanmar court on Tuesday after being jailed over a land-grab dispute with the military that has highlighted acute challenges faced by the rural poor.
10 Jan 2017 Myanmar Times
Myanmar firm courts agro-industry park investment
A Myanmar company is building the first of several planned agricultural industrial parks in Ayeyarwady region aimed at attracting foreign and local investment into agriculture.
19 Dec 2016 Channel News Asia
New government ‘powerless’ to overhaul rampant land grabbing in northern Myanmar
Chinese land acquisition and control is a point of concern for not just farmers, but the state government as well. There are no exact figures for how much farmland is currently being used by Chinese businesses, but it is estimated to be thousands of acres.
29 Nov 2016 Eleven
Malaysians top investors in agriculture
The secretary of the Myanmar Investment Commission said foreign investments in agriculture were low because Myanmar has unclear policies in relation to land ownership.
17 Nov 2016 Global Witness
New report examines how corruption is fuelling widespread land grabbing and human rights abuses
A new report launched today takes the most comprehensive look to date at how corruption is fuelling the global land grabbing crisis, which has seen millions of people displaced from their homes and farmland.
02 Nov 2016 HRW
Birmanie : Des paysans victimes de confiscations de terres
Le gouvernement birman devrait agir d’urgence pour mettre fin aux confiscations illégales de terres dans l’État Karen, a déclaré Human Rights Watch dans un rapport publié aujourd’hui.


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