AfDB commits USD 40 million in the African Agriculture Fund

The Fund will operate according to a Socially Responsible Investment Manual that features, for the first time in the area of Agribusiness private equity, a Code of Conduct for Land Acquisition and Land Use in Agricultural and Agribusiness Projects to prevent unsustainable practices in land acquisition and land use.

Let's welcome Japanese investors

Recently, Kanayo Nwanze, head of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, told a news conference: "It is the wrong language to call them land grabs. They are investments in farmland--like investments in oil exploration."

Farm investors must avoid resentment: IFAD

Foreign investors must avoid provoking resentment as they buy and lease farmland from developing nations by using local manpower instead of industrialised agriculture, the head of the UN's IFAD said.

Gaddafi asks food summit to stop Africa "landgrab"

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi called for an end to the purchase of African farmland by food-importing nations at a UN hunger summit on Monday, describing it as "new feudalism" which could spread to Latin America as well.