Wilmar International

Asian palm oil: limited supply

Industry giants such as Malaysia’s Sime Darby and Singapore’s Olam and Wilmar International are scrambling for fresh space in equatorial Africa.

L'Afrique aiguise les appétits

Fusions-acquisitions, achats de terres, coentreprises… Le continent attire des investisseurs venus de toute la planète, assurés d’y trouver la réponse à des besoins mondiaux en nourriture qui ne cessent d’augmenter. Tour d’horizon d’un grenier en devenir.

Asia's hungry agribusinesses

The global boom in commodities has raised the profile of three Asian agribusinesses: Olam, Wilmar and Noble, all with important farmland holdings.

The mob action in Tema

Wilmar claim to be investing in project that will employ 500 people with investment capital of $40 million. Yet the land in question supports the entire fishing industry in Tema.