Wilmar International

Tema Manhean residents halt edible oil refinery Project

Some natives of Tema Manhean have prevented officials of WILMAR, a Singaporean edible oil refinery company, from developing a piece of land near the naval base which was allegedly sold to the company by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

Tema fishermen halt sale of land

About 200 Ghanian fishermen and fishmongers resisted attempts to clear a fish processing area for the construction of a palm oil processing site by Wilmar Edible Oil Refinery Project (WEORP), a Singaporean firm.

Malaysia's Sugar King Kuok has gone global

Wilmar, which already owns 200,000 ha of sugar cane plantations in Indonesia, said it intended to use Sucrogen’s proven expertise in the sugar business to pursue growth strategies in “Indonesia and other high potential Asian markets.’’

China Edgy Over Internationals in Its Agriculture

The Chinese government is more and more worried over the control that overseas firms are exercising over a good portion of China’s food supply, and there is even some thought that the recent inflation might have been triggered by foreign food giants as they have expanded into every corner of China’s agriculture.