El nuevo acaparamiento de tierras en América Latina

Inversionistas extranjeros han acaparado en pocos años millones de hectáreas de tierras de cultivo en América Latina para producir cultivos alimentarios o agrocombustibles y exportarlos. Gran parte del dinero proviene de fondos de pensión, bancos, grupos de inversión privada de Europa y Estados Unidos, o de individuos acaudalados como George Soros, y fluye a través de mecanismos de inversión en tierras de cultivo puestos a operar mediante compañías extranjeras y locales.

Wikileaks: Brazil criticizes China over "land grabs" in Africa

"At an UNCTAD meeting on investment in agriculture on February 3, China became the central focus of criticism amid a chorus of concerns about the economic, food security, environmental and social impact of large foreign purchases of agricultural lands in developing countries," reports the US mission to Geneva

L'Afrique vibre au rythme du Brésil

Devenu une puissance agricole mondiale majeure, le plus grand pays d’Amérique du Sud veut faire bénéficier l’Afrique de son expertise dans l’exploitation des ressources agricoles et y transposer son modèle au nom d’une solidarité Sud-Sud.

Brazilian Minister: Arabs are great opportunity

"Some Saudi princes told president Lula they do not want to invest in agriculture in Brazil in order to sell here in Brazil, they want food supply sources," says Brazilian minister of Development Miguel Jorge

Soros-backed venture weighs IPO to fund Brazil mill

Billionaire George Soros’s Adecoagro venture, which invests in agriculture and renewable energy in Latin America, is considering an initial public offering to help fund projects in Brazil that include a $700 million sugar mill.