20 Mar 2017 Agrimoney
Adecoagro mulls sugar takeovers - and rice, dairy, meat investments
Adecoagro revealed that executives had been "travelling all around" southern Brazil investigating potential sugar acquisitions, and was mulling growth in the likes of rice, dairy and beef, after slashing its debts in a "milestone" year.
11 Mar 2017
JICA「回答」とキャンペーンの再要請 (JICA's Reply to "Open Letter" and Response from the Campaign)
2017年2月17日に、JICAの北岡伸一氏に提出されたモザンビーク8団体による「公開書簡:プロサバンナにおけるJICAの活動に関する抗議文」の回答が、要請期限から大幅に遅れて送られています。 その後、3月6日付けで、モザンビーク8団体からJICAへの返事が送られています。
01 Mar 2017
Our endorsement of the Open Letter of the Mozambican civil society organisations to JICA
Our endorsement of the Open Letter of the Mozambican civil society organisations to JICA entitled "Protest against JICA’s action to the Mozambican society under the ProSAVANA programme"
01 Mar 2017
Nosso apoio à Carta Aberta das organizações sociais de Moçambique à JICA
Nosso apoio à Carta Aberta das organizações sociais de Moçambique à JICA intitulada “Protesto contra a actuação da JICA sobre a sociedade moçambicana no âmbito do programa ProSavana”
22 Feb 2017
モザンビーク市民社会によるJICA宛公開書簡(「プロサバンナ事業におけるモザンビーク社会へのJICAの活動に対する抗議」)への賛同レター Support Letter to "Open Letter"
22 Feb 2017 Global Trade Review
Brazil to allow foreign lenders to hold land
Foreign lenders and investors are eagerly awaiting a change of law in Brazil, after finance minister Henrique Meirelles suggested they would be allowed to use land as collateral in trade finance and other loans from March onwards.
21 Feb 2017 El Zonda
Brasil: El gobierno de Temer impulsa una polémica ley que permite a extranjeros comprar 100 mil hectáreas
En marzo podrá ser aprobada esta ley que permite la compra de tierras productivas a empresas y fondos de inversión extranjeros, una medida resistida por las Fuerzas Armadas y rechazada por la oposición y grupos ambientalistas.
20 Feb 2017 MST
O Brasil é do povo brasileiro, a estrangeirização de terras deve ser combatida em diálogo com a sociedade
A sanha do governo de Michel Temer em atrair capital estrangeiro para o Brasil, com o objetivo de garantir a acumulação dos seus agentes financeiros parece não ter limites.
17 Feb 2017
公開書簡 【日本語仮訳】Open Letter from “No to ProSAVANA” to JICA President
16 Feb 2017 Thompson Reuters Foundation
Brazil pushes on with plan to open farmland sales to foreigners
Brazil says it is pushing ahead with plans to change the law and let foreigners buy farmland, in a move widely backed by investors and opposed by land rights campaigners.
16 Feb 2017 Globo Rural
Brasil: Governo vai autorizar venda de terras para estrangeiros, diz Meirelles
O ministro da Fazenda, Henrique Meirelles, disse que o governo pretende liberar nos próximos 30 dias a venda de terras brasileiras para os estrangeiros.
09 Feb 2017 El Cronista
Agropecuaria de Elsztain pagó u$s 32 millones por un campo en Brasil
A través de Brasilagro, que controla con Cresud en el mercado del país vecino, se quedó con una propiedad agrícola apta para caña de azúcar y diversos granos.


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