03 Aug 2017 PE Hub Network
Harvest returns to launch agriculture investment platform
Texas-based Harvest Returns, a financial tech company, is planning on debuting its agriculture investment platform this month. With this platform, agriculture producers and landowners will be able to raise funding and also maintain control over their business.
31 Jul 2017 Radio Vatican
Au Brésil, les sans-terres protestent contre Temer et l'agrobusiness
15.000 membres du Mouvement des paysans sans-terres (MST) ont occupé des propriétés ces derniers jours en dénoncant les liens entre la spéculation foncière, l’accaparement des terres et la corruption. Entretien avec Hélène Chauveau.
27 Jul 2017 TeleSur
MST land occupations spread throughout Brazil
The movement also opposes land reform that eases restrictions on foreigners to own land in Brazil at the expense of poor families in irregular settlements.
27 Jul 2017 AFP
Brésil: des paysans occupent des propriétés de personnalités
15.000 membres du Mouvement des paysans sans-terre ont commencé à occuper des propriétés appartenant aux familles du ministre de l'Agriculture et d'un sénateur pour dénoncer le recul de la réforme agraire et la corruption et le blanchiment d'argent avec des terres
25 Jul 2017 Brasil de Fato
MST realiza ocupações em fazenda de amigo de Temer, Ricardo Teixeira e Blairo Maggi
"Estamos denunciando fortemente a estrangeirização das terras e o fato dos nossos territórios estarem sendo negociados por corruptos".
25 Jul 2017 P&I
Timber, agriculture cycles forcing firms to examine new avenues
Agriculture fundraising appears to be slowing. This year, three agriculture funds raised $500 million. By comparison, 13 agriculture funds raised $3.3 billion in 2016, which was down from the all-time high point in 2014 of $5.4 billion raised by 14 funds.
22 Jul 2017 Brasil de Fato
Venda de terra a estrangeiros pode virar moeda de troca para salvar Temer
Governo cogita acelerar tramitação de projeto de lei para assegurar apoio da bancada ruralista
19 Jul 2017 Arlon Group
Arlon Group Invests in CBL Alimentos SA
Company backed by Rabobank and Continental Grain takes minority stake in Brazilian dairy company pursuing farmland acquisitions in Piaui.
13 Jul 2017 Reuters
Brazil ranked world's most deadly nation for land activists as impunity reigns
Data released by London-based campaign group Global Witness showed that 49 of 200 land rights activists killed last year were from South America's largest country, making Brazil the world's most dangerous nation for campaigners.
13 Jul 2017 MST
MST condena nova legislação fundiária aprovada pelos golpistas
Nova legislação de Regularização Fundiária é obstáculo para a reforma agrária e anistia a grilagem no Brasil
13 Jul 2017 Reuters
Four land activists killed each week in 2016 in bloodiest year on record
Nearly four people were murdered each week last year while defending their homes, lands and forests from mining, dams and agricultural projects.
12 Jul 2017 Global AgInvesting
Summit Agricultural Group launching $60M Summit Ag Fund III
the Iowa-based company has build up a diverse portfolio of ag operations in the U.S., and has begun to build a significant presence in Brazilian farmland and biofuels


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