Goldman Sachs

Le Guatemala sous la coupe de l'agrobusiness

Au Guatemala, le marché de l'huile de palme est détenu par cinq familles. Et l'un de ces geants guatélmaltèques, Palma del Ixcán, est une filiale de la comagnie texane Green Earth Fuels, controlée par les fonds d'investissement Goldman Sachs et Carlyle

Upside for agribusiness investment is promising

News that the Russian government is working with Goldman Sachs to set up a $10 billion private equity fund, part of which will be allocated to agribusiness, underscores that Russian agriculture is again on investors’ minds.

Tea farmers struggle for survival in fields of gold

Commodity experts such as Goldman Sachs's Currie believe that land-grabbing is a good thing. He argues it will lead to more investment in agriculture. But others worry that the phenomenon will see farmers thrown off their land as more powerful forces move in.