• Asia: Land grabs threaten food security
    • IRIN
    • 10 June 2009

    Sam Pov, a rice farmer in Cambodia’s western Battambang Province, is very worried that his land will be taken over by a foreign investor.

  • All eyes on the Chinese pork industry
    • ThePigSite
    • 29 August 2008

    An expected call from Goldman Sachs could change 59-year-old pig farmer, Zou Changkui's (who resides in the southern Chinese city of Longyan) life forever.

  • Goldman Sachs buys Chinese poultry farms
    • The Poultry Site News Desk
    • 22 August 2008

    Corporate ownership of world food sources may be shifting into high gear. Goldman Sachs, the private equity investment bank of the ultra wealthy and powerful, has announced that it's in the race to scoop up assets related to food production.

  • China Edgy Over Internationals in Its Agriculture
    • China Stakes
    • 12 August 2008

    The Chinese government is more and more worried over the control that overseas firms are exercising over a good portion of China’s food supply, and there is even some thought that the recent inflation might have been triggered by foreign food giants as they have expanded into every corner of China’s agriculture.

  • International Capital Taps into China's Agricultural Sector
    • China Stakes
    • 06 August 2008

    Goldman Sachs recently invested US$300 million to acquired full control of more than 10 poultry farms in China.

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