• GCC vulnerable to price rises
    • Gulf News
    • 11 August 2009

    The Gulf countries remain 'highly vulnerable' to commodity price volatility on international markets, as the recent surge in sugar prices shows.

  • Farmers forgotten in oil-for-food deals
    • Asia Times
    • 31 July 2009

    Southeast Asian countries took big steps towards formalizing food-for-oil deals with Gulf states at a June meeting between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

  • Arab nations urged to take steps to halt food price rise
    • Emirates Business 24/7
    • 30 July 2009

    In a new study, the Arab Organisation for Agricultural Development says that Gulf States' projects to grow food abroad are not large enough to slash the Arab farm import bill.

  • KPMG Fakhro in agri advice deal
    • TradeArabia
    • 29 July 2009

    Many governments in the region have been trying to address the food security concern by investing in farmlands overseas such as Sudan and Malaysia. John W Power, president, LSC International, feels this is unlikely to solve the problem in the long term, especially if the indigenous population is short of food.

  • Overseas farming: New colonialism or new capitalism?
    • Oman Economic Review
    • 18 July 2009

    While Oman has yet to indicate it will follow the course, it is in this make-or-break moment for a new, more stable capitalist system that the Gulf – and perhaps Oman in the future – are forging a rather novel form of global venture, that is, government-funded offshore farming.

  • Offshore farms for gulf food self-sufficiency hampered by hungry masses
    • The National
    • 15 July 2009

    Rothschild has recently formed a co-operation agreement with Rabobank, a leading global food and agricultural bank. The agreement covers co-operation for mergers and acquisitions and the equity capital market across a number of sectors including farm inputs and equipment, farm-based commodities, primary food processing, food processing and beverages.

  • Les pays du Golfe veulent acheter des terres en Asie
    • Le Figaro
    • 07 July 2009

    L'appel est quasiment passé inaperçu la semaine dernière. Mais les six pays du Conseil de coopération du Golfe ont proposé, à Bahreïn, aux dix membres de l'Asean un partenariat dans le domaine alimentaire : des terres agricoles contre du pétrole.

  • GCC, ASEAN eye new trade bloc based on food, oil
    • Reuters
    • 30 June 2009

    Asian nations want to secure their energy needs, while Gulf Arab states are targeting investments in farmland to secure their food supply.

  • Our fear of the foreigner on the farm
    • Bangkok Post
    • 25 June 2009

    Amid fears of land-grabbing foreigners, Thailand's Democrat government is all set to give local landlords a big bonanza.

  • Foreign farm bar to stay
    • Bangkok Post
    • 24 June 2009

    "According to our laws and our policy, foreigners or foreign companies are not allowed to rent or buy land to grow rice or any kind of food, including raising livestock, in Thailand," Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said yesterday.

  • Thailand says no to farm investment by foreigners
    • Reuters
    • 23 June 2009

    The issue of farmland investments is expected to be raised in the first ministerial meeting between Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) on June 29-30 in Manama.

  • Thai govt: Foreigners can't farm here
    • Bangkok Post
    • 22 June 2009

    Thailand's Ministry of Commerce says the law is quite clear -- foreign developers cannot invest in the country's agricultural sector, especially the farm sector.

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