• La sécurité alimentaire dans la péninsule arabique
    • Momagri
    • 25 October 2010

    Les pays du Golfe cherchent à stimuler la production alimentaire dans d'autres pays pour soutenir leurs populations croissantes.

  • Gulf investors need to look at CIS market
    • Gulf News
    • 05 August 2010

    Since GCC countries have the required financial capacity and advanced financial systems, they can benefit from investment opportunities in agricultural production in CIS, where Gulf funds may bring about significant changes in the production and trade in food commodities in global markets

  • The GCC stocks the larder against future food crisis
    • The National
    • 11 July 2010

    The GCC states are rapidly pursuing contracts for the purchase of land from eastern Africa to Vietnam to guarantee ample food supplies

  • Gulf economist says no follow up on GCC land grabs
    • Arabian Business
    • 28 June 2010

    Leading Gulf economist Dr Eckart Woertz says plans by GCC states to buy farmland in Asian and African countries were not materialising despite announcements to the contrary.

  • Arab food gap crosses $180bn over past decade
    • EB
    • 27 June 2010

    Study says creation of a farm fund is crucial for the success of Arab agricultural projects aimed at achieving self-sufficiency since most fertile countries in the region lack sufficient investments.

  • Indonesia sees rice crop up, seeks Gulf farm investment
    • Reuters
    • 12 June 2010

    Indonesia aims to attract Gulf Arab investors to develop "sleeping land" says Agriculture Minister during meetings with businessmen in Riyadh.

  • L’Etiopia ridotta alla fame dà cibo ai ricchi Paesi arabi
    • Avvenire
    • 23 May 2010

    Con una dozzina di grandi laghi, altrettanti corsi d’acqua principali e oltre 3,5 milioni di ettari di terra irrigata, l’Etiopia è il «sogno blu» per gli investitori dell’arido Golfo arabo.

  • Local food production not viable
    • Gulf News
    • 09 May 2010

    GCC countries are doing the right thing by increasingly exploring investments in farmlands abroad, says Jasim Ali, Bahraini MP.

  • Gulf Cooperation Council food security: balancing the equation
    • Nature
    • 25 April 2010

    "A key obstacle to more transparent debate and informed decisions by governments and investors [involved in global land transactions] is the lack of science-based information," writes Surendra Shah in Nature magazine

  • The latest crop of landowners gives food for thought
    • The National
    • 18 April 2010

    Such huge transfers of agricultural power must surely come with consequences that are worthy of closer regulatory inspection.

  • ME’s farmland buys in Africa seen as 'a win-win partnership'
    • Arabian Business
    • 15 April 2010

    The head of a 19-state African trading bloc has denied the Gulf’s policy of snapping up cheap farmland across the continent is tantamount to a ‘neo-colonialist’ land grab.

  • Stronger GCC-ASEAN ties pledged
    • Arab News
    • 12 April 2010

    Vietnam President Nguyen Minh Triet, current chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, pledged to bolster Saudi-ASEAN cooperation in view of ASEAN's reliance on the Gulf states' oil and the Gulf states' need for overseas farmland for their own food security.

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