• Land governance programme map
    • Donor Platform
    • 16 January 2014

    On January 22 a comprehensive database on land and resource governance programmes funded by members of the Global Donor Working Group on Land will be presented during the AGA in Paris.

  • Seeds of discontent
    • FIAN
    • 02 October 2013

    Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch investors in Mozambique land grab: powerful new documentary gives a compelling visual portrait of how investment by private financial players can undermine food security and human rights in developing countries.

  • Sierra Leone Climbing out of poverty
    • Swedfund International
    • 28 August 2013

    Swedfund film focuses on the people living in the Sierra Leone countryside affected by the Addax Bioenergy sugarcane project.

  • Pension funds flock to ‘real assets’
    • Financial Times
    • 16 June 2013

    Pension funds across the globe are ramping up holdings of so-called “real assets” such as property, infrastructure and farmland, as they move to protect their portfolios against inflation.

  • The anatomy of a Mozambique land deal
    • IRIN
    • 22 May 2013

    A multi-million dollar “ethical” plantation development in northwestern Mozambique - the initiative of a clutch of Scandinavian faith-based organizations - has faced alleged acts of sabotage by the very people it was designed to assist, illustrating the divisions between foreign benefactors and local communities.

  • Swedish buffer fund AP2 under scrutiny from NGO over Brazilian farmland investments
    • Responsible Investor
    • 22 April 2013

    Sweden’s SEK227.3bn (€26.7bn) state buffer fund Andra AP-fonden (AP2) has been accused of a lack of transparency and snapping up cheap agricultural land in Brazil by campaign group Swedwatch. AP2 denies the allegations.

  • Lack of transparency when Swedish Pension Fund AP2 invests in farmland in Brazil
    • Swedwatch
    • 16 April 2013

    A new Swedwatch report shows a lack of transparency and inadequate auditing of ethics and environmental impacts in AP2’s investment in farmland in Brazil. For business reasons, the investment is surrounded by a high level of secrecy, which makes scrutiny from the outside impossible.

  • Swedish land grab in Tanzania causes protests
    • FarmLandS
    • 22 Mar 2013

    Mats Widgren provides an update on a Swedish company's land grab for sugar cane production in Tanzania.

  • Swedish Black Earth?
    • FarmLandS
    • 14 Mar 2013

    "I’ve put together a table with what I think are the main Swedish land investments in Russia and Ukraine," writes Brian Kuns. "In doing this, I ran into some of the known difficulties associated with monitoring the phenomenon of large-scale land-acquisition."

  • Tanzania: Villagers cry over land grabbing
    • The Citizen
    • 13 Mar 2013

    Bagamoyo villagers are up in arms over the government supporting an investor they accuse of grabbing about 6,000 hectares of their land in the district.

  • Govt can't produce foreign farmland figure
    • NZN
    • 13 Mar 2013

    In New Zealand, an opposition party is demanding hard figures on how much farmland is owned by foreigners, but the government says it can't produce the figures.

  • Pension fund buys $100m of land in hunt for safety
    • Agrimoney
    • 11 Mar 2013

    The 16,000-hectare farm which Första AP-fonden bought in Australia in December was one of a clutch of purchases of farmland, worth some $100m, by the pension fund.

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