• Norwegian fund pulls out of 'unsustainable' palm oil companies
    • Food Navigator
    • 12 Mar 2013

    Norway’s US$710bn sovereign investment fund has pulled its investment from 23 Southeast Asian palm oil companies, claiming that they source palm oil unsustainably.

  • Au Liberia, la résistance paysanne s'organise entre les palmiers à huile
    • AFP
    • 20 January 2013

    Leurs terres cédées par le gouvernement aux planteurs malaisiens et indonésiens, des paysans du Liberia dénoncent des accords qui les ignorent: après 15 ans de guerre civile, des nouvelles luttes s'annoncent.

  • Forest, mines, farmland: Liberia is for sale
    • AFP
    • 20 January 2013

    Liberia is selling itself slice by slice nine years after a terrible civil conflict finally came to an end, even though that could kindle tension among a population that often feels it is being sold out.

  • Liberian communities statement on expansion of Sime Darby and Golden Veroleum plantations
    • SDI
    • 03 December 2012

    Over 150 community representatives from four counties in Liberia gathered to discuss their experiences and concerns regarding the impact of oil palm plantations on their livelihoods and communities.

  • A Nobel laureate’s problem at home
    • New York Times
    • 20 January 2012

    Unbeknown to many outside Liberia, Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf’s government may now be sowing the seeds of future conflict by handing over huge tracts of land to foreign investors and dispossessing rural Liberians.

  • Producteurs d'huile de palme cherchent terrains
    • Jeune Afrique
    • 07 October 2011

    Soumis à des contraintes d’espace, les groupes asiatiques multiplient les accords en Afrique. Si le pari est parfois risqué, les perspectives de la demande mondiale en huile de palme leur laissent entrevoir un fort retour sur investissement.

  • New frontier palm oil players look to RSPO
    • Reuters
    • 05 September 2011

    African and South American palm oil players are flocking to join the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, highlighting a growing trend of the industry’s rapid expansion outside main producing region Southeast Asia

  • Q+A: Palm oil, growth and Indonesia's forest clearing ban
    • Reuters
    • 26 May 2011

    Indonesia, the world's No.1 palm oil producer, signed into law a 2-year freeze on new permits that may prompt palm oil firms to seek new ways to grow supply to meet rising demand from India and China, such as buying more land in Africa

  • Oil-palm land resource rush slippery in Africa?
    • Commodity Online
    • 30 April 2011

    Southeast Asian palm oil firms like Malaysia's Sime Darby and Singapore's Golden Agri Resources are backpacking to Africa, in what could be the planet’s next trend-setter in inter-continental resource trade.

  • Asian palm oil: limited supply
    • FT
    • 18 April 2011

    Industry giants such as Malaysia’s Sime Darby and Singapore’s Olam and Wilmar International are scrambling for fresh space in equatorial Africa.

  • Asian interest boosts Liberia palm oil hopes
    • Financial Times
    • 17 August 2010

    Singapore-listed Golden Agri Resources said it was “actively evaluating” taking a share in a 220,000-hectare project being offered by the government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

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