Africa's green revolution stumbles at Congo project to solve food shortages
    The African Development Bank is nevertheless accelerating a push for projects such as the failed 80,000 hectare Bukanga Lonzo project in the DRC, for which it provided about $1 million to finance a feasibility study.
    • Reuters
    • 23 May 2018
    Africa: Hunger in times of land, water, and energy pressures
    Growing scarcity and degradation of farmland, rapidly rising incomes, and changing consumption patterns have all contributed to an increasing number of international land investments or land deals.
    • IFPRI
    • 11 October 2012
    Growing Africa's land
    "Africa will be more food insecure if these investments go to other parts of the world and Africa has to turn to those places to buy food," according to Dr Ousmane Badiane of IFPRI
    • This is Africa
    • 02 July 2012
    Achat de terres agricoles en Afrique : une nouvelle colonisation ?
    Emission de RFI avec Ibrahima Coulibaly, président de la Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Mali et membre du comité de coordination internationale de La Via Campesina, Ousmane Badiane, directeur pour l’Afrique à IFPRI et Mathieu Boche, doctorant au CIRAD, spécialisé sur les questions de propriété foncière.
    • RFI
    • 17 April 2012
    Débat sur l’accaparement des terres : et l’égalité entre hommes et femmes dans tout ça ?
    Une approche tenant compte de l’égalité des sexes est essentielle si l’on veut vraiment comprendre l’impact des transactions foncières, estiment des chercheurs de l'IFPRI
    • ILC
    • 07 February 2011
    Revisiting the issue of “land grabbing”
    Affected rural poor communities and their allies are not likely to simply accept the land grabbing process in the way the World Bank and its supporters might suppose.
    • Capital Ethiopia
    • 27 December 2010
    Land deals of wealthy nations
    Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Ruth Meinzen-Dick, a Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute, about the downside of land deals between countries.
    • PRI
    • 24 November 2010
    African land grabbing: Whose interests are served
    Evidence suggests a marked disparity in the benefits received by those involved in and affected by these transnational land acquisitions, particularly for those originally dwelling on the land.
    • Brookings Institution
    • 25 June 2010
    The new land rush in Africa: An interview with Michael Taylor of the ILC
    ILC is actually trying to promote some sort of dialogue between the different proposals for principles for responsible farmland investment
    • SID
    • 07 June 2010
    FAO and World Bank back food pirates
    And now the bad news. FAO has taken a U-turn in its clear position on the race by food-importing countries and private companies to buy land overseas for domestic food and agriculture needs.
    • Ground Reality
    • 18 November 2009
    Is Africa's land up for grabs? [EN, FR, DE]
    “Governments are sitting on a box of dynamite,” Namanga Ngoni, president of AGRA, initiated by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, told the media.
    • Modern Ghana
    • 11 November 2009
    CGIAR joins global farmland grab
    An internal document recently posted on IRRI's website reveals that the Institute has been advising Saudi Arabia in the context of its strategy to acquire farm land overseas for its own food production.
    • GRAIN
    • 08 September 2009
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