New asset classes for Islamic investments
    The water industry and agriculture are emerging as major new asset classes for Islamic financial institutions, especially in the field of sustainable investments.
    • MENAFN
    • 29 June 2009
    Turkey can attract $9b in Gulf Arab funding
    Turkey can attract up to $9 billion funds from Gulf Arab funds, mainly in food and agriculture, the head of the Turkish Investment Support and Promotion Agency said on Monday. "We are working on a big project for the southeastern Anatolia region."
    • Reuters
    • 25 January 2009
    Vision 3 Alliance holds inaugural board meeting
    Vision 3, an alliance formed by Gulf Finance House, Ithmaar Bank and Abu Dhabi Investment House, announced the make up of its board at its inaugural meeting yesterday.
    • Arab News
    • 09 January 2009
    3 Gulf firms sign major farm deal with Turkey
    Vision3, an alliance of three major Gulf financial institutions, has signed a landmark deal with Turkey paving the way for nearly $9 billion investment in Turkey’s agricultural sector.
    • Arab News
    • 02 November 2008
    Turkey the winner in Gulf's investment hunt
    As the increase in oil prices continue to help boost the income of Persian Gulf nations, Turkey is becoming a magnet for Gulf-based investors aiming to establish strategic food reserves
    • Turkish Daily News
    • 01 September 2008
    Gulf banks launch 3 major Islamic investment projects
    Three major multi-billion Shariah-based projects to boost infrastructure, agriculture and hospitality sectors in GCC and elsewhere in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia were launched here yesterday.
    • Gulf Times
    • 28 August 2008
    New Gulf funds find investment niches
    Three new investment funds controlled by prominent Gulf investors will sink at least US$2.8 billion (Dh10.3 bn) into infrastructure, agriculture and hospitality projects in the Middle East and South Asia.
    • The National
    • 27 August 2008
    Sharia initiatives worth $10bn launched
    Three of the Gulf's biggest financial house has teamed up to launch three investment vehicles worth $10 billion (Dh36.7bn). The 'strategic' alliance between Gulf Finance House, Ithmaar Bank and Abu Dhabi Investment House covers the infrastructure, agricultural and hospitality sectors and are expected to bring return on investments in 18 months. The agricultural fund is considering Australia, China, the Philippies, India and North African countries for food production and livestock.
    • Emirates Business 24/7
    • 24 August 2008
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