The SR Fund offers long term SIPP investors a multitude of benefits

FACEBOOK | 3 July 2012

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The SR Fund Offers Long Term SIPP Investors A Multitude Of Benefits

Self Invested Personal Pensions are recognised as an opportunity for investors to exert greater control and directional preference over their own pension funds.

With returns failing to meet expectations in many traditional investment areas many investors are now looking further afield for improved returns. Agroforestry and sustainable resources can offer these returns, and the Sustainable Resources Fund enters this sector with a fully regulated fund with the extra advantage in that it will not accrue debt; the fund's investment returns will not be diluted by payments of interest on loans.

Forestry, agriculture, biomass and land, these are all real assets that are often under-represented in investment portfolios. Inclusion of these real assets offers both diversification and potentially improved risk-adjusted returns for the portfolio.

The supporting case for agriculture, forestry and biomass is indisputable. The World's population is seven billion people and growing. Within this demographic there is also a shift, predominately in Asia, of increasing standards of living where two-thirds of the global middle-classes will be living by 2030. Population growth requires more food production. Greater numbers of middle-classes also demand wider choice of higher quality food, in addition to significantly increased consumer purchasing further increasing demand for sustainable resources. All this is before you consider the increasing demand for biofuels and the fact that demand currently exceeds supply for many sustainably managed forest products.

New sustainably managed plantations and farms provide a commercial solution to this demand and help decrease the erosion of existing natural resources. Exposure to commodities also provides investors with some portfolio protection against the effects of inflation.

Sustainable assets are proven to improve a portfolio's risk-adjusted returns; sustainable resource projects have no correlation with traditional portfolio constituents such as equities, fixed interest securities and other risky assets. The Sustainable Resources Fund anticipated potential return of at least 15% per annum compares favourably with other asset classes. Add in the ethical case for allocating capital to the sustainable resources sector and the portfolio diversification benefits makes investment in sustainable resources increasingly compelling.


The Sustainable Resources Fund will be available for investment via a number of investment platforms, IFA networks and SIPP providers. Please contact Michael Young, CFA, the fund's advisor on email: [email protected] or telephone (UK) 020 3239 2215 for more details.

About Sustainable Resources Fund

The Sustainable Resources Fund is a sub-fund to the Amiri Shariah Investment Platform which is a Luxembourg-registered "Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable" organised under Luxembourg Law of 13th February 2007 relating to specialised investment funds (SICAV-SIF) and regulated by the "Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier" (CSSF), the Luxembourg financial services authority. This investment fund is managed by Alpha Wealth Management, and audited by KPMG.

About Sustainable Resources Fund

The fund's primary objective is to provide capital growth by investing in a portfolio of forestry, agriculture, biomass, farmland and other sustainable resource assets globally. The fund may also invest in equities or other financial instruments in companies engaged in the sustainable resource industry. The Investment Advisor (Sustainable Capital Luxembourg) will identify and evaluate appropriate projects, equities or financial instruments and will submit a formal recommendation to the Investment Manager (Alpha Wealth Management Luxembourg) and the Shariah Board (Amiri Shariah Investment Platform SICAV-SIF).

Michael A. Young, CFA
Sustainable Resources Fund

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