Resident Minister condemns MP for incitement against Government


Awoko Newspaper (Sierra Leone) | 22 March 2011

Vincent Bolloré of France owns a controlling interest in SOCFIN, which is regsitered in Luxembourg. SOCFIN recently signed a deal to establish an oil palm plantation on 16,000 acres in Sierra Leone.

The Resident Minister, South, Moijue Kaikai, has dismissed and categorically condemned the Member of Parliament for Constituency 88 in Pujehun District, Hon Shaika Sama, for his nationwide broadcast inciting the people of Malen Chiefdom against the Government and the local Chiefs for having entered into an agreement with the Socfin Agricultural Company.

The agreement is in respect of one hundred million dollars investment for the cultivation of Oil Palm and Rubber Estates which is about to commence operations in the chiefdom soon.

The Resident Minister’s sharp condemnation follows a three-day public notice aired over KISS 104 FM, calling on the land owning families not to honour the agreement already signed under the watchful eyes of the government represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Dr Sam Sesay and himself as the representative of the South.

Speaking further, the Resident Minister dismissed the statement made by Hon. Sama that the agreement was dubious, as it was negotiated for quite sometime with the inputs of all relevant stakeholders, and that the payment of lease rents was witnessed accordingly with suggestions made by the very landowners who in turn helped to share the money.

The Resident Minister also stated that the one hundred million dollars investment is the brain child of Government and fully monitored for the realization of its intended purpose geared to provide job opportunities, particularly for the jobless youths.

He disclosed that as per the agreement, over ten thousand jobs will be made available alongside the provision of a Referral Hospital, construction of roads, schools and dwelling houses.

Moijue Kaikai categorically blamed the MP for failure to study the document to see for himself the development plans lined up for the people to benefit, but instead used the radio to cast blame on the Government and the local authorities including Hon. PC B. V.S. Kebbie who has done immensely well to create job opportunities for thousands of Sierra Leoneans in and outside Malen Chiefdom.

For their part, local Chiefs and land owning families including Sengeh, Ngombu, Amara, Kebbie and various others, have since dismissed the MP for what has been termed as his opposition to development programmes taken to the chiefdom.

They further challenged the MP to pinpoint one development activity that he has taken to the entire Constituency 88 since he entered Parliament about four years ago.

In their follow up statements, the irate youths warned Hon Shaka Sama to give peace a chance and to be mindful of the fact that a hungry man is an angry man.

By Easmon Moiguah

Original source: Awoko

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