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03 Dec 2019 Canadian pension fund loads up on Australian water rights and almond farms
A Canadian pension fund has bought a huge parcel of Australian permanent water rights for $490M to irrigate almond trees, in a move that puts the spotlight on foreign ownership of farms and water resources as drought ravages the country.
26 Jun 2018 Dutch pension fund divests from Posco Daewoo over deforestation in Indonesia
APB, the Dutch pension fund for government and education employees, announced it would divest 300,000 euros from Posco Daewoo over deforestation in Indonesian Papua.
09 Sep 2014 Michigan pension fund to invest more in Australian nuts, livestock
Thousands of miles from pricey U.S. farmland, a Michigan pension fund is expanding its investments in Australian farms, betting on good returns from the comparatively cheaper assets and surging commodity prices.
21 Jan 2013 New Zealand pension fund shops for offshore farm investments
New Zealand's state pension fund is looking at buying overseas farmland amid growing demand for food in emerging markets, and it is also interested in assets offered by struggling European banks as well as catastrophe insurance.
11 Mar 2013 Pension fund buys $100m of land in hunt for safety
The 16,000-hectare farm which Första AP-fonden bought in Australia in December was one of a clutch of purchases of farmland, worth some $100m, by the pension fund.
06 Sep 2019 Dutch ag pension to divest stake in ag investment fund Fagoed
BPL, the Dutch pension fund for the Netherland’s agricultural and green sectors, is planning to divest its stake in Fagoed, a €140 million fund invested in agricultural land.
19 Dec 2012 Canadian pension fund likes NZ forest growing conditions, access to Asian markets
Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board is looking to capitalise on favourable growing conditions and access to Asian markets having taken a 30 percent stake in the central North Island's Kaingaroa forestry estate.
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18 Nov 2015 This socially responsible pension fund invested in Brazilian farms seized by violent land grabbers
An American investment giant that manages multi-billion-dollar pension funds in the United States, Canada, and Sweden faces allegations that it has circumvented Brazilian laws on foreign acquisition of farmland
16 Jul 2012 UK’s Environment Agency pension to invest in farmland
The £1.9bn pension fund of the UK’s Environment Agency is set to unveil a new investment strategy later this month, including plans to invest in farmland and forestry for the first time.
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21 Aug 2017 AreaOne Farms Fund III reaps harvest in $130 mln close
AreaOne Farms Fund III exceeded its target by signing up more limited partners, including three Canadian institutions — an endowment, an insurer and a pension fund
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02 Sep 2014 AP Pension deploys half of farmland allocation
AP Pension, the €16 billion Danish pension fund, has now invested €40 million into local farms representing half of its farmland allocation for the year.
28 Aug 2014 AP1 eyes increased exposure to NZ dairy fund ahead of close
The Swedish pension fund is considering increasing its exposure to Southern Pastures, a New Zealand dairy farm fund, alongside six other investors including the New Mexico Education Retirement Board.
08 Jun 2011 Swedish fund goes farming for diversification
The Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2) will invest $250 million in a joint venture with a US pension fund and financial services provider to buy farmland in the United States, Brazil and Australia.
17 Nov 2015 U.S. pension fund under pressure to go public with Brazil land deals
A U.S. investment firm that manages U.S., Canadian and Swedish pension funds came under pressure on Tuesday to give locations of its land investments in Brazil as coalition of campaign groups voiced concerns about the impact on local farmers.
03 Oct 2019 Canadian fund launches bid for Webster
Canadian fund manager PSP Investments, a public service pension fund, has put in an offer for Australia's Webster farms, including their water entitlements, that values the diversified agribusiness at $854 million
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14 Apr 2015 Canada pension fund manager cries foul over Saskatchewan farm review
The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board says it is concerned about the Saskatchewan government's decision to temporarily ban certain institutional investors from buying farmland in the province.
03 Feb 2015 PGGM commits to Black River Food Fund 2
Dutch Pension fund PGGM has committed between €50m and €100m to a Cargill owned private equity fund that invests in farmland and crop production.
09 Sep 2020 Orange County redeems investment from UBS AgriVest Farmland Fund
The pension fund is reducing its allocation to real assets from 22% to 17% as it moves its agriculture allocation to zero.
25 Aug 2014 Scandinavian fund's big dairy investment
A Scandanavian pension fund has poured $20 million into Australian dairy farms to help lift stagnant local milk production.
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12 Dec 2012 Swedish fund stokes Australia farm-buying spree
A Swedish pension fund has become the latest of a series of purchasers of Australian farmland, a buying spree which has fuelled public concerns, and raised discussion over curbs on foreign ownership.
18 Aug 2015 Norway’s wealth fund expels POSCO, Daewoo Int’l over palm oil holdings
Norway’s central bank is divesting the country’s $870 billion pension fund of its holdings in four Asian multinationals for palm oil in Southeast Asia. POSCO and Daewoo were excluded for the activities in Merauke, Indonesia’s Papua province.
11 Aug 2014 US fund continues WA farm spree
A US pension fund investor that flies under the radar has continued its spending spree on quality agricultural land in WA with the purchase of two farms in Grass Patch for about $9 million.
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17 Nov 2012 African pension funds: The missing link to African development?
Africa is regarded as the New Eldorado, and is attracting many foreign based private or public investment companies, sovereign wealth funds and even pension funds gradually. Sadly, while foreigners continue to play a major role in growth investments, African pension funds' contributions to this growth are dismal.
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30 Jun 2011 Les fonds de pension : des acteurs clés dans l’accaparement mondial des terres agricoles
Les fonds de pension sont peut-être l’une des rares catégories d’accapareurs de terres auxquelles les gens peuvent couper l’herbe sous le pied, pour la bonne et simple raison que c’est de leur argent qu’il s’agit.
04 Dec 2012 American and European pension funds seeking place for their money
The results of pension funds’ alternative investments have been passable so far. In the case of farmland, at the end of last year the average total annual return over a 10 year period was more than 10%.
28 Aug 2014 AP2 invests $750m in TIAA-CREF II
Swedish pension fund AP Fonden 2 has invested $750 million to TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture II, confirming rumours that the pension was one of three foreign investors contributing to the vehicle’s $1.4 billion fundraise.
29 Jun 2011 Pension funds: key players in the global farmland grab
Pension funds may be one of the few classes of land grabbers that people can pull the plug on, by sheer virtue of the fact that it is their money.
13 Nov 2018 L’accaparement des terres perpétré par les fonds de pension dans le monde doit cesser
Depuis une dizaine d’années, l’argent des fonds de pension alimente un énorme investissement dans les terres agricoles. Le nombre de fonds de pension investissant dans les terres agricoles et les sommes d’argent déployées à cette fin sont en augmentation, mais tout se fait discrètement.
22 Jun 2011 Pension funds mull ethics of commodity investments
Some pension funds are beginning to question their investments in commodities after accusations that massive flows into the sector have distorted markets, fuelled food inflation and hurt poor nations.
29 Jun 2010 ANALYSIS-Pension funds to bulk up farmland investments
Pension funds are deepening their commitment to farmland, upping investments by billions of dollars and moving to active strategies, as a hedge against potential inflation and to diversifty from riskier investments.