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09 Aug 2018 On Indigenous Peoples’ Day: International groups demand pullout, accountability of Chinese company in Cambodia
Two global movements supporting Indigenous Kuoy communities in Cambodia submit a petition to embassies of China and Cambodia calling for the pullout and accountability of Chinese state-owned enterprise Guangdong Hengfu Group Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.
29 Jun 2020 Cambodia urged to rethink Chinese ties, land policies to recover from pandemic
People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty, GRAIN, and Ponlok Khmer urged the government of Cambodia to return disputed land from Chinese company Hengfu Group Sugar Industry to the Khmer and Indigenous Kuy communities. The groups expressed solidarity with the Indigenous Kuy people who continue to assert their legitimate land rights even amid the global health crisis.
12 Nov 2018 Include land-related repression in Cambodia probe, UN rights envoy urged
Groups call on UN Special Rapporteur to look into the recent spate of alleged cases of state-perpetrated harassment of peasants and indigenous peoples struggling for their right to land in her review of the human rights situation in Cambodia.
14 Oct 2018 Int’l mission decries state neglect, rights violations in Cambodia land dispute with Chinese company
International groups submitted to the United Nations (UN) officials the results of an independent international fact-finding mission in Cambodia that found local and national authorities are facilitating the land grabbing of a Chinese company in Preah Vihear province.
31 Aug 2013 PCFS calls rai guideline a decoy to legitimize WB’s RAI agenda
The People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty recently released its critique on the responsible agricultural investment guideline calling it essentially the same as the World Bank's Principle on Responsible Agricultural Investment.
16 Jul 2019 To AIIB: Stop bankrolling landgrabs
The Peoples Coalition on Food Sovereignty demands the members of the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank stop funding projects, especially China’s Belt and Road Initiative, that result in landgrabbing.
28 Jul 2018 Philippines is unsafe for farmers fighting for land
Statement by People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty on the ongoing threats, criminalisation and killing of farmers and land rights defenders in the Philippines.
30 Mar 2020 As COVID-19 crisis rages, 119 groups from 30 countries push urgent demands for rural peoples
Statement makes five demands to protect the rights of rural people amid the pandemic, including no further displacements of people from their lands under the pretext of COVID-19 lockdowns.
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12 Oct 2018 IMF-WBG and landgrabbing: Funding rural peoples’ destitution
Despite all the hypocritical calls and posturing of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for ending hunger, they have facilitated, enabled, and led the global rush for landgrabs